Sincerely Anastasia

Anastasia is a girl who held on to her past, never wanting to move on. However, fate has other plans for her. Now, she met the guy who held a big part in the past that she's unsilling to let go. Will fate succeed and have anastasia finally embracing the past, and move forward, or will Anastasia still hold on to the past. But keep in mind, fate has everything planned, all with a certain boy, but in the end, it's up to Anastasia to determine her future

Chapter one

"Anastasia, what are you doing?"

"Hm? What is it Grace?" I asked, broken from the staring contest I was having with the view, deep in thought

"You've been staring off into space again."

"You’re lying."

"Don’t lie Anastasia." Grace said flatly, “You know the first step to admitting the truth is in denial.”

"Well, I'm not in denial."

"Are we really going to have this argument again?"

"Yes, unless you agree with me that I’m not staring off into space."

Grace gave me a glare but did not resume arguing with me, because from the years of our friends, she knew she could never win an argument with me. Although, I know she realizes that I’m think about my past again. I guess that’s what I usually think about everyday I stare off into space.

“Anastasia, are you ever going to move on?” Grace asked, concern was the only emotion I can see on her face. “I will, soon.” I answered, but even then she can tell I’m lying. “Huh, yeah right, Anastasia, you and Amy are the same. You guys suck at lying” Oh, I forgot to mention, that besides Grace, I have another best friend called Amy, which are the only closest friends I have. We’ve all been through the worst and best moments of our lives, but in the end, we still stuck with each other.

Both of them always worry about me because staring off into space has become a habit of mine, and I still didn’t talk to them about what happened.

“Well, text me if you have anything okay? I have to go to work now.” Grace said to me, and I bid her farewell as I continued to stare out into space. Grace was right, well, she’s always right when it comes to my feelings. Even though we’re all close friends, me, Grace, and Amy, only Grace truly understands my feelings, sometimes even faster and better than me.

My thoughts always have to do with one thing when I stare off into space, it’s about that one year that I can never move on from. It’s been so long, but I can’t forget about it, I want to, but, I just never can.

I snapped out of my staring contest with the air when I heard a buzzing sound. I looked around confused until I realized it was my phone.

“Crap, where’s my phone?” I rummaged through my stuff, trying hard looking for my lost phone, until I find it under the many blankets in my room.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Anastasia.”

“Oh hey Grace, what’s up?” I thought you’re at work?”

“I am, but dude, come over, I have to show you something.”

“What is it?’” Curiosity filled me as I wondered what Grace wanted to show me.

“Just come over, Hurry.” She screamed through the phone. Gosh, I think I’ll go deaf because of her. I told her I’ll be there soon and hung up. I took a shower quickly, changed, and went off to find out what is it that she wanted to show me.

When I got to her work place, I was rushing through the entrance when I skidded to a stop. I stood shocked, because in front of me stood a guy I thought I would never see again, a guy that has been in my thoughts for the past years. Kayne was standing there, looking just as shocked as me, I tried to walk away, but since I’m awkward, a klutz, and obviously a failed ninja, he watched amused as I turned around, and banged right against the door.

Embarrassed I turned around, “Oh, hey Kayne, haven’t seen you in a while” I said, nervously. Wait, why am I so shy right now? I haven’t been this shy in a long time. Right then, I saw Grace at a distance, trying to spy on what’s happening, I figured Kayne was the thing she wanted to show me.

I gave her my most evil glare as she pointed to her cheeks. After many years of that gesture, I knew that not only is my shyness showing, but my cheeks are turning bright red.

“Hey Anastasia, yeah, it’s been a while.” He awkwardly said, not like the usual bubbly self he is.

We fell into an awkward silence, not knowing what to talk about. I got nothing, and it seemed like neither did Kayne. Then, I blurted out the first thing that popped up in my brain during the most awkward moment I am having right now.


“Wait, what?” Kayne looked at my weirdly. Oh gosh, this couldn’t be any more embarrassing then it already been, but then, Grace came too, running to my rescue when she saw my awkward balloon pose. She quickly joined in and said “AWKWARD TURTLE., no, Awkward palm tree?” Grace and I tried to make the moment less awkward, but I feel like we made it even worse. Blushing really hard by now, I quickly stopped Grace before we embarrassed ourselves even more, but then Kayne burst out laughing.

My cheeks got warmer then before as I felt embarrassed making a fool of myself in front of him. Even though, I’m embarrassed, a faint smile appeared on my face, it’s been a while since I’ve been like that. I always embarrass my self in front of him before in school, but, I was happy, until of course our relationship went downhill. Second to that, I’m happy for the fact that maybe he isn’t holding a grudge on me like I thought he’d be.

After a while Grace got back to work because the boss saw her hanging out instead of working and shouted at her to get back to work. Kayne and I fell into another silence, but, thankfully not as awkward as before.

“It’s a surprise to see you her.” I said surprise is an understatement; I was shocked at seeing him here after all these years.

“Yep, I didn’t expect to see you here or Grace either, but it’s great to see you two. You’ve changed you know, you’re more outgoing, even though you still have your blush.” He told me goofily.

“Well, it’s not something I can change now is it” I answered back, “And you changed too, but, you still have your playfulness and outgoingness.”

“Well, “Kayne said hesitantly “What is it?” I asked, curious.

“Is it okay if we go out and hang some day? I want us to get to know each other again and maybe catch up on thing. “Kayne said awkwardly, trying to contain the nervousness, waiting for her answer.

“Sure” I answered back, just as nervous, but glad. “Haven’t seen you so awkward before though,” I teased. He laughed, but then asked for my number. I told him I’ll text him the time and place when I’m free from class and work. “Okay, hey Anastasia, it’s really great to see you again” he agreed, giving me a goofy smile, and then surprised me by giving me a hug.

I stood shocked, but after a while, I slowly raised my arms, and hugged back.

When I hugged, I felt sadness, like waves crashing into me, I composed myself when he released me. He left after he gave me his number, vice versa, and then I went to Grace. She smiled excitedly, but when she saw the sadness in my eyes, she immediately hugged me.

“You miss him don’t you” She asked me softly, I nodded my head slowly, trying to contain the tears from spilling out. “It’ll be okay, Anastasia” Grace said, inside she felt sadness for her friend, she have this feeling that maybe Kayne meeting with Anastasia was fate, that he might help Anastasia move on from the past, and able to move into the future. Grace knew it wouldn’t be easy, but, she also knew that, what happened between them was something that shouldn’t have happened. Grace wasn’t stupid, she knows that deep inside Anastasia, Anastasia still have feelings for Kayne, and when she saw those two interact, she knew that Kayne still have feelings for Anastasia too. She just hoped that Anastasia will allow Kayne to help her finally move on, and maybe be able to discover the feelings hidden inside her.

Her thoughts were cut off when Anastasia talked, “Hey Grace, I have to go now, I’ll text you later okay?”

“Okay Anastasia” Anastasia gave a sad, and weak smile and went home.

On the way home, all my thoughts were about Kayne, I started to listen to music when I finally got home, Kayne still in my head, with thoughts floating around my head. I closed my eyes trying to relax and as the music played on, song by song, I started to see that one year go past again in front of my eyes. And that story that was so important to me, that I can’t let go of all had to do with Kayne.

Now with him back, I have a feeling that my life won’t be as peaceful as before, everything will come back, especially, I thought with horror, my feelings for Kayne.

And guess what?

I was right.

The End

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