Whispers in the Dark

Jocelyn went to sleep early. She woke up not to much later to hear footsteps. "It's just Mrs. Anderson," she mumbled to herself. The footsteps stop where her door was. It cracked open. She got scared and peeked. The small old woman's eye was visible. 'See,  it's just you're paranoid,' she thought.

About an hour later, she heard the footsteps again. 'Will that old woman go to sleep already?' Then, whispering started. Her eyes flickered open.

"Janet?" she heard one voice call. "Janet?"

She sat up, breathing heavily. "Whose there?"

"Janet? Is that you?" There was a shadow at the end of the bed.

Jocelyn shook her head violently and tried to scream, but nothing came out. When she opened her eyes, no one was there. She wrapped herself up tightly in her special blanket. "No one is there Jocelyn. It's okay. Just a dream," she started to chant. Before she knew it, she began to cry.

The End

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