The car drove up to an old house. It looked like it could fall down at anytime, but never would. "We're here," John said turning to Jocelyn.

"You are kidding me."

"No, if I was kidding, I would have said, 'Just kidding' at the end."

"There is no way-"

"There is. You are going to spend spring break here. You are failing twelfth grade and are depressed. This might make you feel better."

"How would my grandma that I've never met before make me happy?"

"I never said she would make you happy."

"I'm not doing this," she said crossing her arms stubbornly. "This town is way smaller than ours."

"The people are interesting. Come on, grandma Anderson is amazing."

"Fine," she mumbled. She walked up to the house with her suitcase. She knocked on the door.

A small woman with white hair opened the door, "May I help you?"

"Hey, I'm Jocelyn Wagner. I'm your granddaughter."

"Oh, my goodness, you're the one who was sent to stay with me," she said smiling. She looked like a once beautiful woman that time had stolen from her. "Come on in, dear."

She smiled and nodded politely. She walked into the house. It looked like any other old house. The walls were covered in pictures. "Is that a picture of my mom?"

"Sure is. Here, let me show you your room." The woman wasn't to slow. She walked up the stairs and into a room. "Here you are, sweetie," she said and walked out of the room.

Jocelyn closed the door, threw her bag on the ground and fell onto the bed. "I'm going to die here," she muttered.

The End

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