Heartbreak Warfare

News spread quickly in a small town. Before Jocelyn knew it, everyone knew she was engaged. John didn't take it well and Jake thought she was an idiot. A couple months later Luke was getting ready to go to collage. Jocelyn helped him pack. "So, this is it for a while."

"I'll see you on the holidays. I promise I'll call, too."

"Oh, you better," she hugged him.

She didn't like school without Luke there but kept going any ways. It was only two months later when her heart broke completely in half.

She came home from school, threw her bag on the floor, and sat down. Soon she heard her phone ring, "I came here to make you dance tonight, don't care for my guilty pleasure for you..." It was Luke's home ring tone. She picked it up, confused.


"J-Jocelyn?" she heard a woman's voice stutter through as if she had been crying for hours.

"Mrs. Lee? Is everything alright?" she asked in a sweet worried voice.

"N-no. Not-t at a-all. Luke w-was in a-an accident and d-didn't make it."

The phone dropped out of her hand. She could feel the snap of her heat as it broke. Tears flooded out of her eyes without warning. Her breathing stopped. Reality never hit so hard as she fell onto the couch and sobbed.


Nothing helped. Not her favorite movies, cds, people, or even books. She tried to move on, but couldn't. She tried to get out of bed, but sometimes couldn't. John and Jake were more worried about her than anyone else. Even they couldn't help.

Months went by. Only to reveal that she was getting worse. John finally couldn't take it anymore. He tried the last thing he could.

The End

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