Since when did you care?

A full of himself ego fuelled man has a dream he thinks can't be true. The following day makes him think otherwise.


And then I woke up to find it was all a dream. No not a dream, a nightmare. Why would she cheat on me? And they need me at work to survive? I practically hold that company up! As if they’d sack me. They’ve been too stupid to realise I’ve been taking money off the top of the corporate accounts I deal with day to day so I’ve proved they need me. My expertise and cunning are priceless.  

I suppose I should go out and get some fresh air. I told them that I need to slowly get myself back together before I can return to work. The “doctor” advised me to ‘take short walks and to increase the distance when you can.’ I knew they’d fall for it. Slowly get myself back together? I exercise five times a week! I’m tanned, muscular and good looking to boot. I’m in the best shape of my life! It’s a wonder they get anything done. My woman will be going on her lunch soon and will be expecting me to meet her outside her office. That decrepit thing makes my eyes hurt whenever I see it. But she is amazingly beautiful and can go toe to toe with me in an argument so I’ve always been able to let that part slide. Anyone who can keep up with me at anything is worth my attention. We’re like a model couple I’ve heard people say. My friends all tell me I’m right when I say I’m the better looking one. They always agree with me.  

‘Looking forward to meeting you at lunch xxx’ that’s the most polite text I’ve ever received from her? Especially since I usually just tell her to meet me for lunch. She always has a go at me for ordering her around but she must finally be coming round to my way of thinking. Our relationship used to be based on how we make each other look but that’s changed recently and I’m glad for it. I think I’m in love with her.

Why’s my mum calling me? I can’t remember the last time she called me when it wasn’t someone’s birthday or some other annual thing. She must be after money or a favour. And why is she texting me asking how I am? Bloody families why do they have to be so weird? Speaking of which, that annoying Turner family is out again. How many dogs and kids do they need? This street is already crawling with minimum wage rats as it is. I’ll wait a few minutes before I go out and make sure to wear something normal so I don’t attract too much attention. I’ve seen them in tracksuits before so this old one hundred pound DKNY one should be fine.  

The whole village is dirty. It all seems like it’s in its own bubble away from the rest of the world. The buildings are dirty along with the pavements even though it’s says ‘Cleanest Village Award Winner’ everywhere you look. It’s not up to my standards of cleanliness at all and the people aren’t doing it any favours. Most of them shouldn’t be allowed out of their houses let alone onto the main street.

Hold on? What is this? The street’s whiter and cleaner than usual and really well lit. It’s like I’m on some kind of sound stage or something. It’s warm so I guess it’s a result of the sun? But where is it? Wait a second...Everyone looks good! It might just be the first few people though. I’ll walk and take them all in. I can’t believe this! They’re all dressed better than me!!! There must be some kind of problem. Their giving me funny looks! Why are they all wearing the latest fashions! That should be me wearing those things and I’ve got this old thing on!! Look at the muscles on them? They’re all bigger than I am or more toned at least! The tans as well my god they practically make me look pale in comparison! I’ll get to Lucinda and she can make me feel better. Her buildings just over there and she always knows what to do. She’ll argue with me or order me around which does the trick. Well, she doesn’t argue with me but gives as good as she gets. That’s why I love her so much. They’re
whispering about me now. I heard them say something about my tracksuit! I’ll tell them right...wait. Where did they go? That guy in the smooth looking orange top said something and now he’s gone? There’s no way he could’ve just disappeared?

‘Hey Darling. Are you alright?’

‘Hey Darling? You’ve never said that to me before?’

‘Of course I have. Do you fancy walking down to the portable burger bar for lunch?’ You hate that place? Wait. Something is truly wrong here. And everyone is still whispering bad things about me! How can they when I look like I look!

‘Are you ok dear? Come on. We’ll walk and talk.’ I’ll let her carry on like this until she snaps out of it. It turns me on whenever I hear her say Come on then buy me dinner and storms off and I follow. I need to drown these voices out! I can’t stand
them talking about me like that. I’m not pale, I’m tan!!

‘What would you like then?’ Did she just pinch my bum? It’s hard enough for her to kiss me let alone touch me at the best of times. I can’t stand games like this. I love her because she’s so straight to the point but this is awful. I best answer before she suspects something.

'Cheese bacon burger with a Dr. Pepper.’ That’ll throw her off. Dr Pepper tastes like a poor man’s coke and I know she can’t stand overly fatty foods.

‘And I’ll have the same. Don’t worry I’ll pay for it.’ You’ll pay for it! I pay for everything! I’m the alpha and I’m the domineering one like you once told me. Why aren’t I saying this instead of thinking it? You should always say what you think. Why can’t I....’Eric! Over here.’ How did she get there? She’s so far away and I have to walk passed all those accusing voices. I can’t talk back to them! What is this?! I can’t make my voice work when they say something and when I turn to look at them they’ve disappeared. Please Lucinda, help me!

‘Now we’ll just sit and watch the world go by.’ Sure. Fine. Whatever. The world. Look at it. It’s awful. Full of condescending workhorses with half the gifts I have. ‘What are you thinking dear?’

‘I’m thinking that society doesn’t appreciate the gifts I have which is why I’m taking time off work. I’m keeping them to myself.’ What the hell was that? It was good whatever it was but it didn’t sound like it came from me.  Right. We’re going to visit my workplace. They’ll treat me like I should be treated.

‘Whatever you say my sweet.’ Did I say that out loud? I’m moving fast now and I’m almost at my building. I’m inside and don’t know orcare if she’s behind me. I’ll check anyway. Lucinda?

‘Yes? Whoa! How did you get there?’

‘Whatever do you mean dear? Let’s go up to your office.’ She’s pressed the lift and its here straight away. Let’s go and get a right response for a change.

‘Hi Eric!’ Exclaims the whole sticking office! Yes I am ok. Stop touching me I don’t like you. I don’t like anything about this day. Why is everything like this?

‘Because you made it so.’

The office is moving. Where’s everyone gone? They’re just blurs now except...Is that Lucinda? And Bruce her ex-boyfriend? Why is she kissing him?!! Wait, my mobiles buzzing.

‘It’s over. You’re an idiot and I hate you. I only kept you around because you could pay for me but now Bruce has the money to do that. Don’t reply and never call me again.’ Lucinda?! No!! How could you I...’Eric, this is your boss texting you. After careful consideration regarding your recent conduct the board has decided to terminate your contract of employment with immediate effect. Good luck in all your future endeavours.’ My job? I’m nothing without it or Lucinda. There’s nothing left for me now except a family who doesn’t want me and ‘Yes Man’ friends who sponge off me. I have nothing left to live for. This is it. It’s over. Why does my head hurt all of sudden? It’s a dull pain...blood from the back of my head and all down my back
from a gaping...

‘I made the day like this?’ That nightmare can’t be true. If it was this place makes it look like a dream. At least in the dream I’d be dead and wouldn’t have to suffer through all of this.

‘Yes you did. Of course it was you after doing what you did.’ She sounds like some kind of softly spoken angel or elf.

‘Doing what I did...’ No!! I shot myself!! How could I do such a thing? But how can this be?

‘When did I shoot myself and create this hell?’

‘In this world? Yesterday. On Earth above us? Five years ago.’

‘This can’t be I...’

And then I woke up to find it was all a dream. No not a dream, a nightmare. Why would she cheat on me? And they need me at work to survive.

The End

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