An old friend

     The days seemed to pass quickly. Soon, Brendon and Claire, my sisters old friends, came to the forest. I still somewhat feared Brendon and when he came towards me to greet me I jumped and backed up. Though eventually I got over it and got use to him being around. He didn't seem so bad, he actually seemed kind of nice. There just seemed to be something different about him. Maybe I was just losing it because I seemed to be the only one that saw that he was different some way. 

Anyways, among the arrivals was my old best friend, Kairi. She was very shy and barely talked. When she did talk it was usually in a whisper. She had long black hair that was tied into a pony tail. She was wearing a old black sweatshirt that was too big for her, a pair of worn blue jean, and a pair of black sneakers. She had a backpack on her back, her violin in its case in her left hand, and a small sword strapped to her waist, but knowing Kairi she never used it. She always looked very sad.

"Hi, A." I heard her, whisper behind me.

I jumped up. "Hi, Kairi." I said, hugging her.

I have known Kairi for a long time. We use to go to the same school when we were both around 10. We became very good friends. One day, she came to school with a broken arm and a black eye. She said that she feel down the stairs, but I didn't believe her. I followed her home one day and found that her father was abusing her. I told my father and mother, but of course they didn't believe me because her father seemed like a wonderful man. I decided to put a stop to it and planned to get her father back, but I ended up failing because my magic was not good, yet. He told me to get out and commanded Kairi never to see me again. He even pulled her out of school, but we still saw each other. Though we kept it very secret. She nicknamed me A because of it, but once I turned fifteen and Victoria attacked me, with Kairi secretly hiding under the bed. I had to leave home and go into the forest. That was five years ago, so I was very glad when I saw her again.

Apparently things only got worse, so she decided to run away. This is the reason why she is always so shy and quiet. She is afraid she might get hurt. The most annoying quality that she has is if she feels uncomfortable she leaves without a word, but I understood why she does it.You could tell that Toro didn't like her much, though. Toro seemed to be getting weirder by the day, but I didn't let it bother me. I figured it was a wolf thing and caught up with Kairi. A lot of people in the forest had no clue about her arrival, mostly because she stayed hidden when anyone else was around, but I was glad that she was here. At least I could protect her here.

The End

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