The fight (Alexis' view)

     "Come on Vicky, lets go to our place." I said, smiling.

     "Okay." She said, smiling.

     "What place?" Jason asked, rudely.

     "It is our secret place." I told him.

     "Where is it?" Jason asked crossing his arms.

     "No where that you need to know."I tell him. It was no secret that Jason and I hated each other because he wanted Victoria and I had her. He had Esmerelda he didn't need Victoria. I knew that he wanted them both, but he couldn't. I had Victoria and was intending on keeping her as long as I could, though deep down I knew that Jason would end up with her. It really was no secret, though Victoria didn't see it.

"She isn't going." Jason said.

"What? I can go if I want to you aren't my dad." She said.

"I said you aren't going." Jason said.

"She is too. Come on Vicky." I said, than started walking holding her hand.

"She is not!" He screamed and punched me. 

I punched him back and the fight escalated. Soon Vicky was in between us.

"Stop it." She screamed, than stepping between us.

Both of us stopped and she instantly looked at Jason.

"Are you okay?" She asked, worriedly.

I just stood there gritting my teeth.

He nodded, though he had a big gash on his head.

"You okay?" She asked, though she didn't sound as worried as she was with Jason.

"Fine." I said, than walked away.

Needless to say that was the end of my relationship with her. Though we remained good friends. I knew that relationship wasn't going to work out, so did everyone else. It was just a matter of time before everyone found out.

About three days later, Amora spilled out the secret that Jason loved and wanted to be with Victoria.  Esmerelda, the girl that Jason was dating, ran off. I ran after her and hugged her. I told her that we both knew that this was going to happen and that it was okay to be hurt, though. I held her all night as she cried her eyes out. Removing my jacket and putting it around her when it started raining. Soon Esmerelda and I grew closer and Jason and I still hated each other, but that is a different story.

The End

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