The night I met her. (Alexis' view)

     I walked into the forest, the search for my brother, Toro, ended. I didn't know if I could trust the young woman who called herself, Amora, but I am glad I did for I found Toro. She invited me to attend a party she was having, but when I arrived there seemed to be too many people for my liking, so I left.

     I returned a couple hours later, and heard Amora and another woman talking. "Who is that amazingly beautiful woman talking to Amora?" I asked myself. They seemed to be talking about someone named Jason. "She is dating someone." I thought, a little disappointed until I heard the girl say that they were only friends. "So there is still a chance." I thought and smiled. This is when I decided to make myself known. I walked out of the forest and bowed to them, like I do when woman are present. I find it is polite to bow and show woman respect. 

"Hello ladies." I say.

"Hi." The girl says.

Amora seemed to be glaring at me. I stood upright and smiled at the girl.

"Hello there," I repeat to the girl. "My name is Alexis."  I finished.

"I am Victoria." She said.

"Why didn't you come to the party?" Amora asked. I could tell she was mad, though I only knew her for a short period of time.

"I don't like crowds." I told her simply. She seemed to roll her eyes, but right when I was about to say something two more people came from the forest. I heard Amora say hello to the two, hearing the male was the infamous Jason. Victoria looked around than left without saying a word. "So this is the dreaded Jason." I reply out loud, than walk away to go and look for Victoria.

     When I found her a lot of things where flying though my head, so a lot of that conversation was lost in the hurricane of other thoughts. I find it amazing that I made sense at all. The thing I remember the most is walking towards her, as she leaned against a tree and stopping maybe inches from her face. All the while cursing myself for being such a gentleman. "Can I kiss you?" I managed to ask, though it was less than a whisper as I thought. "Please say yes."

"I was hoping you would." She whispered back. I leaned the rest of the way down and kissed her. It felt like fireworks went of around us, like magic even.  We remains in the forest for most of the night. We talked and occasionally kissed until the sun came up and she decided to go home. I walked her home and than went home myself feeling, ecstatic.

The End

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