Toro's brother

  As I walked towards the man, some of his features looked eerily familiar. He had medium length spiky light brown hair, almost identical to Toro's hair and green eyes. He was wearing black leather pants and  a tight black t-shirt with black sneakers and gloves that protected you hands, but revealed your fingers, and a tattoo of what seemed to be fire on his upper right arm. On his belt was a sword and he was showing everyone the same picture. I could tell right away that he was a vampire for I had trained eyes, now. I finally got to him and smiled.

"May I see?" I asked him, as I pointed to the picture.

"Certainly, he is my brother.." He started to say, but I cut him off.

"Toro, yes, I heard you say that. What's your name?"

"Alexis." He said, than waited a couple seconds before saying. "So, you have seen him."

"Possibly." I saw looking at the picture, sure enough that was my Toro. "I am having a party. You should come. It is in these woods. People in this town do not like it for what is inside, but I quite enjoy it. You will also probably see you brother."

"Hey, wait. How do you know my brother?"

I smiled and replied simply. "He is my boyfriend."

"How many people at this party?"

"Enough. It's tonight by the way."

"I don't like crowds."

I simply shrugged and walked back into the forest. I didn't mention any of it to Toro. Figuring he would figure it out on his own, but Alexis never showed up. Which made me mad. Later that night, when it was just Victoria and I talking he came. Again stating he didn't like crowds, but at least he came. 

Toro and Alexis eventually reunited. Though Toro really had no recollection of having a brother, but that was because he was only a baby. They went onto a walked and talked about I don't really know what. Alexis remained in the forest, but still no one really saw what was coming next.

The End

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