The unwanted truth

   The next morning, though sleep deprived, I remembered that I had an old radio.  I hoped that I would be able to contact someone, anyone, but I mostly wanted to talk to Jason. Which was a shock for me, but I needed to know that Victoria was okay. 'She's with Jason. She's with Jason.' I kept thinking to myself. I turned the radio on. 'Good,' I thought. 'It still turns on.'  I turned to about 5 different channels calling "Hello..." Each time and getting no response. I felt about ready to give up, but tried once more.

"H-Hello." I called.Thankful when I finally got a response back.

"Hello, Amora."

"Jason.....? Oh, my god. The dark came and Victoria had a nightmare..." I started to describe everything that happened with rapid speed. As if I was on hyper speed. I didn't know if he could understand me. When I was finished I took a deep breath and finally asked. "Is Victoria with you?"

"No, she isn't with you?" Jason said.

"No, she ran from me." I said, now crying. All of a sudden I heard static, nothing but static.  "Jason?" I called, but got nothing. I dropped the radio and than dropped to the floor crying. Toro beside me, holding me before I knew it. "She is still out there. She could be hurt. I just got her back." I said, hysterically.

"Everything will be fine, babe. Jason will find her. He will find her." Toro told me, rocking me.

"He will find her. He has too." I thought.

I cried for what seemed like days, which really it was only a couple hours. I had no clue who or what was out there. I had no clue if Victoria was okay and I mainly relied on telling myself that Jason would find her.  I continued to cry until finally Dream said. "The light is returning."

Toro and I bother looked up. We, then, heard a knock on the door. Dream answered it and in came Victoria and Jason.

"Vicky." I called and run to her. "I thought I lost you again."

"No, I am okay." Victoria said.

  After that everything returned to normal. At least sort of. Victoria and I rarely argued, though we did occasionally it was not that much of a battle. Whatever was in the sky was gone, well so we thought.

 One day, I decided I needed to go for a walk in town and I heard something strange.  A man, about 6' 2 inches, walking around and asking the same question.

"Have you seen him? He is my brother. His name is Toro." The man said.

"Toro? My Toro?" I thought to myself, than slowly walked towards him.

The End

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