The war continues

    As the war continued more people joined each side. To me it all seemed rather pointless, for I really didn't want this war to continue. Let alone escalate. I still wanted for my sister to love me as I loved her and to see that I didn't want to hurt her. I defend myself and it always ends up a fight.

  I spend most of my day fighting my sister and trying to reason with her and my nights trying to figure out how to end this war. I doubt I will succeed at ending it unless one side or the other finally wins. When I am not doing one of those two things I am usually in the clearing. Not that that really matters much. Rosalina, my sisters second in command, always seems to be there. For some strange and unexplainable reason she gets on my nerves. Though I got this strange feeling that we would soon be friends.

I walked into the clearing to see Rosalina there.

"Surprise, Surprise." I thought.

"Hello Rosalina." I said, only to get a quick and rather irritating wave. This makes me a little angry, so I make a lightning bolt appear and hit her in the butt. My favorite way to bother her.

"Ow." She said, rubbing her butt, than draws her swords.

"Now, now, I do not wish to fight." I tell her and make her sword disappear.

"Fine, return my sword to me." Rosalina said.

"I never took it." I tell her pointing to her sword belt where her sword now sat.

   She would than growl and either walk away or sit down and try to ignore me. In this case she sat down, but I was bored and wanted to go for a walk, so I walked up to her and patted her on the head and walked away, laughing. I hear her growling in the background a little, but I ignore it and I continued to walk through the woods and began to hear something. It sounded as if someone was following me, but I was not sure. I continued to walk and I heard a twig snap. At this point I am getting really bothered.

 "Is Victoria planning a sneak attack? No, not like her. Is Rosalina following me? No, again not like her. So, who is following me?" I started wondering to myself.

   I decided to find out who it was and why they were following me. I also wanted to know what they expected to learn by following me. I never discussed anything important outside of my house. I turned around and started going in the direction of the snapping twigs. I get to the spot, I thought the snapping came from, but saw nothing. That is until a small branch fell and hit me on the shoulder. "Ow." I said, and looked up. You would believe what i found....

The End

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