The day I met Frost.

   As I said, one day, after a fight with Victoria, I turned around ans saw a medium sized elf standing in front of me.  Not even two inches were between us.  I, jumped and quickly took a big step back.  I, than, looked behind me to make sure that Victoria wasnt going to gang up on me. Victoria wasnt there.  I looked at him, a little startled and confused.

"Hello,  my name is Amora. What's your?" Amora asked.

The elf raised one eyebrow, probably confused as well, but I can't be sure.

"My name is Frost." He said.

I than smiled and started to walk away.

"Hey, wait. Why were you fighting?" Frost asked. 

"We are at war with each other. We have been for a while." I told him, turning to face him once more.   "You do not know this?" I asked.

"No." Frost replied simply.

I decided to explain things to him.

"There is a war. Good vs bad. My half sister, Victoria and I have been the center of this war for more than five years now. I am the leader of a group of good creatures and Victoria the leader of a group of bad creatures." I explained.

"So are you on my side or my sisters?" Victoria asked, leaning on a tree.

"Hers." Frost said, simply.

"I knew it." Victoria told him.

"How and if you knew why did you ask?" Frost asked.

"Anyone who is bad would have join in on the fight and ask questions later. You just stood there and waited. I wanted to her it from you." Victoria said.

"You ran away." Frost said, crossing his arms.

"I did not run away. I walked. I was bored." Victoria said.

Than Victoria turned and walked away.  I continued to walk towards my home.

"Hey, where are you going?" Frost asked.

"I must go check on Blaze." I told him.

"Whose Blaze?" Frost asked.

"My pet." I told him and continued to walk away. He followed me and I showed Blaze to him. Blaze was now too big to fit in the house so I let him fly around the forest. He knew how to find his own food and all I had to do was whistle and he would come to me.

Frost was amazed by Blaze and questioned me about training a usually untrainable animal. I told him that I had him since he was a baby. He understood and then went on his way, though from that day on he was always on my side.  Even I would have never guessed what his future had in store for him, but that is a different story, which is not mine to tell. 


The End

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