My 15th birthday

My 15th birthday party was great. I had a lot of friends over. We eat pizza and cake until late in the evening. None of that really matters though. I missed Victoria and wished that she was there, but she wasn't. I went to bed and was woken up a little while later by, guess who, Victoria. She was standing at the foot of the bed and holding a big box. I remember rubbing my eyes and not fully understanding what was going on until Victoria pulled a huge sword out of the box and started swinging at me with it. 

"Victoria, is that you?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Yes, shh, its a secret."

"Okay. Wait, what are you going to do with that sword?"

"I am going to kill you and then your parents too."

"But, Victoria. Your my sister."

"I never asked for a sister."

"Victoria! Hey, your getting too close with that."

"I am trying to get closer. Come here and make this easier on yourself."


Knowing that I had no other option, I defended myself. I turned in a full circle and broke Victoria's sword into three pieces. She dropped the piece she still had in her hand and touched her head.

"Victoria, did I hurt you?"

She didn't answer, she just ran out my window.


I screamed so loud I woke my parents up. At first they thought that it was a nightmare, but Victoria's sword was still laying on my bedroom floor.  I found out later that one of the pieces of the sword hit her head and left a thin scar right where her eyebrow ends.

That was the day, the war started.



The End

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