Since the day, I was born

This story is written from/for the Mystical Surrounding guild.

     I was born into a loving family. I thought so, anyways.  My father is an elf and my mother an enchantress, therefore I am half elf and half enchantress. I, also, have a half sister named Victoria. My sister never really liked me much. Maybe she blamed me for her mother's death, for stealing her father, or for being an enchantress, but for whatever reason Victoria had, she never liked me.

    I remember when I was 5 years old, I wondered why my sister read so many books.

"Victoria, why do you read so many books?"

"I have to, Amora. Now leave me alone."

"Why do you have to?"

"I just have to. Go away."

She would then push me out of her room and shut the door. I would run away and be back a little while later with more questions. I guess I annoyed her.  I would always ask her to play with me, but she never would.

"Victoria, do you want to play with my dolls with me?"


"Do you want to play tag?"


"Do you want  to play dress up?"


"Do you want to play hide and seek?"

"Why sure, Amora. You go hide and I will find you."


She would never come and find me through. I remember falling asleep in the bathroom closet once. She would always get in trouble for it and so would I.

"I told you not to play with your sister, Amora. She's different."

"Mom, she's the only one I have to play with."

"She doesn't play with you. She tells you she will and then leaves you hide for hours."

"But mom..."

"No, end of discussion."

I would never listen though. I didn't care what my mom said. I loved my sister, even if my sister didn't love me. A little while later,  she ran away and I don't know where she went. During that time, My father made me study really hard on magic. I became very good at my magic. I could summon anything I wanted and beat anyone in battle. I just never really liked using my powers. I only used then when my father told me to or to defend myself and I swore I would never use them on a family member, including Victoria. That was until the day of my 15th birthday.....


The End

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