Chapter Thirteen

- Chapter Thirteen -

Staring at her confused and repeating her words in my mind, I wondered what she meant. I've never met this girl before but she knew I was coming. This was all too strange for me. First it were the devices, SIN and Blaze and then Jett. And now this girl. I scratched my head and felt the dandruff scatter in the air. I hadn't realised how dirty I was. I want to have a shower so badly but I knew this wasn't the time to think about my hygiene.

I rushed towards the door and heard those people rushing towards the stairs. They must've heard her scream because damn was she loud. I rubbed my ears to get some of my hearing back and rushed to the other side of the room. The girl watched me with an amused look and a huge grin plastered on her tiny face.

"What's so funny?" I asked annoyingly.

She shook her head and continued watching silently as I rummaged through the gym bag. The gun only had one magazine left and I was dumb enough to leave the spares with Haru. I cursed at my incompetence and went over to the little girl.

"You won't be able to beat them." She said in a soft tone, playing with her curls and acting innocent.

Deciding to ignore her, I hauled the bag up to my shoulder, grabbed her hand and walked out the room. I was going to prove her wrong. I wasn't weak to not be able to beat 5 people.

We came to a halt when I saw two coming up the stairs. The other three were nowhere to be found. Cracking my fingers I dropped the heavy bag near the girl. But before I could rush over and land a punch, she grabbed the back of my jacket and pulled me into the unfurnished room.

"What the hell was - "Before I could finish the sentence, a small door opened. It was hidden inside the wardrobe. I saw a little grin on her face, a sense of accomplishment which I found down right annoying. I childishly stuck out my tongue while she crawled through the door.

'Have it your way' I thought with a cunning smile 'but I'll make it a mission to get that grin wiped off your baby face.'

Trying my best to ignore the intense cold temperature in the metallic duct, we reached a vent that blocked our path. She kicked it and watched it drop loudly on the concrete floor of the garage.

This girl was weird one as she expressed no fear to the situation at hand and knew exactly what she was doing. What was she?

We jumped out of the freezing cramped space and that was when my eyes glistened. What I saw was something I never thought I could feast my eyes upon. Pushing past the girl, I glided my hand over its body. There was an actual Ford Mustang here. It was red with two thick black strips running from the long hood to the short rear decks. I couldn't believe it was actually here. I rubbed my eyes a few times and winced when I felt a pair of tiny fingers pinch my arm.

"You better rub that drool from the corners of your mouth before they find us." She said ironically and rolled her eyes.

I shot her a glance of pure annoyance but she ignored it as she was busily looking where we should go next. She stood near a desk and did something I couldn't see because of her hair.

Why couldn't she just let me admire a car that hasn't been around for centuries? A car with 22 inch alloy wheels plastered to the floors was something I loved. The hovering cars were troublesome to drive. This wasn't something I saw every day.

I rubbed my hands together and stared at it with a menacing grin.

I wanted to steal it.

I popped open the hood and was in awe with the engine.

Now I really wanted to drive it.

Fidgeting around with the wires, I closed the hood and checked if the doors were open. Amazingly it was and this was a relief. I didn't want to harm the paint on a legend by trying to pick the lock.

"What are you doing?" The girl hissed, surprised that I managed to get the engine running. "That is stealing and Granddad wouldn't be happy and - "I ignored her scolding and she let out a faint squeal when I pushed her onto the passenger seat along with my bag.

"You better buckle up" I grinned when she stared at me with fear when I buckled the seat belt tightly around her small frame. "Because this is going to be a lot of fun"

Moody and mumbling to herself she wrapped her arms onto her chest.

Mission accomplished. It was a great feeling to have won against this little girl.

"I bet there's no fuel in the tank." I heard her mumble. I grinned and revved the engine.

"Well you lost that bet. Cough up the cash."

She rolled her eyes but her face lit up. Maybe I haven't won yet.

"But how are you going to drive out of here? We don't have the garage door key."

Actually I did. I clearly heard the fat ladies singing.

"Oh little girl you have so much to learn. When there is an obstacle just drive right through it. That is what Haru taught me." I smiled.

Fear formed on her tiny face and she looked towards the garage door. Putting it in reverse, we smashed through it. She clung onto the leather seat, digging her nails into the fabric when I did a three sixty degrees turn and came to a halt in front of the house. The loud crash alerted the people inside and they came outside. I smiled at them, only to be fired upon. I waved with a huge smile and sped through the streets avoiding the abandoned car.

She was screaming like a headless chicken and called me crazy. Half the things that came out of her mouth were gibberish and to make her even more uncomfortable I was laughing like a maniac.

This was the most fun I had all night and it felt amazing to win.

I took a sharp right and was now passing the Fairhaven border. I heard my phone ring but I couldn't slow down. The people from the house have managed to catch up. But I wondered where they got the power to hover their metallic grey van.

"Hey Shut up! I shouted above the screams but it didn't work. Holding one hand onto the wheel, I slapped her.

Confused and in complete skepticism she held onto her bright red cheeks, shooting daggers with her burning glare. But before she could unleash all hell I threw my phone at her. It was still vibrating in her hand.

"Pick up the call and switch it to holographic screen." I said in a demanding tone.

She continued staring at me. Her dark brown eyes filled with rage. It matched her wild hair, reminding me of a movie I saw with Haru. I think it was called Medusa. It was an old classic...wait this was no time to reminisce.

" Will you hurry up?!" I shifted the gear from third to fourth. This would've been an awesome joy ride but with this girl as company...she sucked the life out of fun.

Annoyed, I let go off the wheel. She screamed and instinctively reached for the wheel. but her short arms and the tight seat belt prevented her from reaching it.

I stared at the phone screen with disbelief. It read 'Syd'. That was weird. It couldn't be him. He wouldn't call a mobile even if his life was in danger. Feeling strange, I felt a pit form in my stomach creating a really bad feeling. Something was up - I knew it.

" Watch out!" the girl screamed.

I returned my hands back on the wheel, put my foot on the clutch, changed to a lower gear and barely missed a large overturned truck.

That was when she exploded with rage, letting out a huge tanturm. Kicking the chair and demanding to be let out of the vehicle. I ignored her, kept on driving and placed the phone onto the dashboard. I should've listened to Haru and got the voice recognition phone. He was always right when it came to technology.

"Hey Syd, whatever you've got to say be quick. I'm kind of busy at the moment." I said hurriedly, turning the wheel to avoid the bullets.

Syd sucked his teeth, stared at me and narrowed his eyes to figure out where I was.

"Did you steal a car again?" He asked, scratching his unshaven stubble on his chin.

I shifted my eyes and tried to avoid the question.

" Yes, she did and she kidnapped me too." The little girl bursted out, followed by a feared expression and a heavy flow of tears. All fake.

I rolled my eyes at the drama queen but was faced with Syd's cold grey eyes filled with disappointment.

"Elizabeth, I won't ask you again. Tell the truth before - " He said in a stern fatherly voice before a hand pushed him off the screen and replaced by a familiar face.

"Eli, don't tell me you stole another car and now you kidnapped a little harmless girl."

"Quit your whining Haru." I scoffed. "Says the guy who got his phone stolen by Jett." He laughed and I smiled, happy to see him safe. "Do you know how worried I was?"

All of a sudden a bullet broke through the back window and hit the back of my seat. The girl started screaming again, abandoning the fake tears. Syd reappeared, pushing Haru away. He was shouting in the background about the joyride but I sensed the worry in his tone.

"Like I said Syd, I am busy." Trying my best to keep them off my tail. I managed to get on the highway, avoiding a large trail of cars.

"Don't get rude with me, girl." He hissed. "It's not like I want to call you."

I opened my mouth and then closed it again. What I wanted to say would've gotten me in a lot of trouble. Best to keep quiet.

"The reason for this call is about the info you asked me to collected." He looked down, rummaged through his papers and put on his reading glasses. I tried my best to hold back my laughter but I saw the unsatisfied glare he was giving me. I pursed my lips together and let him continue.

"You are in the deep end, Elizabeth. Even bigger than the time you went to invade the National's headquarters. Unlike them, SIN is like hell with no return." He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He said something else but a piercing scream drowned it out.

I must've been busy with Syd because I hadn't realised how close they'd gotten. Judging from the bullet I thought they'd be far but in five minutes they were right next to the Mustang. One of them had the girl from under the arms with half her body dangling out the body. With one hand on the wheel, I grabbed hold of her left leg. We were playing tug of war and all she did was scream. I was seriously going to get deaf before sunrise.

Several overturned cars and a collision appeared in front of us. It was either go right and they go left but which ever way we went, we couldn't let go. Either I lose the girl or they will. This was a bet. To see who'll chicken out first. We were fast approaching the pile up.

Four hundred metres.

Three hundred metres.

Two hundred metres.

One hundred metres.


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The End

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