Chapter Twelve

- Chapter Twelve -

I had to be smart.

Create a plan with a clear mind and not be overcome with rage.

A couple of breathing exercises would help - breathe in... and then in -

I felt my body relaxing and the rage slowly disappearing.

It was all Jett's fault.

His smug toneless voice and his intimidating words - everything about him pissed me off. He knew the right buttons to push; well he did read my file like it was the Holy Bible. Never had anyone gone through so much trouble for me. I felt slightly appreciated but had to keep in mind what kind of man Jett was. He was still after our lives, no matter how in love he sounded over the phone.

It was a close call though. If I wasn't easily intimidated, my vision would've turned red and the outcome wouldn't have been pretty. I didn't mind blood on my hands - actually I was drenched in it. It was because of Haru. Our friendship was important and he didn't like it when I resorted to violence for something this minor.

I sighed and put the phone into my jacket pocket. I was ready with a well thought out plan, but there was a small chance of succeeding. If Haru was here, he'll know what to do. All it took him was a few minutes on his laptop and...voilà the problem would disappear. 

But he wasn't here. Letting out a heavy sigh of sadness, I realised how much I missed him.

Jett said to come back to the Black Widow if I ever wanted to see Haru again and I saw its neon lights flashing above the dark buildings. I was almost there.

The last bit of power had ran out an hour ago, turning the streets of Fairhaven pitch black. The dim blue strips on the road used to power the cars was dim and flickered every few minutes. It was trying its best to keep a few cars hovering. Most car owners had given up and retreated into the buildings. Curtains were closed and doors were bolted shut for safety. Anything could happen in this darkness and this brought out the panic and fear in people.

I understood the tension this blackout was creating, since all I had was a flash light that kept flickering like a busted amber light of a traffic light. The batteries were on its last bit of life, but every now and then I got a feeling I was being watched from the shadows. I've been dismissing the stares, thinking it were the citizens peering through their curtains, wondering what I was doing out. But I had no time to wonder about things lurking in the shadows. For every second I waste, Haru could be...

I didn't want to think about that.

"Excuse me, young lady"

I turned to my left and looked up to where I heard the deep hollow voice calling me. It was an old man leaning from the ground floor window, breathing heavily through an oxygen mask. He took in a few breaths and then pulled the mask down to his chin.

"What are you...doing...out there?" he said before hauling the mask back onto his mouth, feeling exhausted from just speaking a few words.

I shone the flash light towards the house for a better view. It was a two storey building with a flight of stairs leading to the green front door. The curtains on all the windows were drawn and bolted with wooden planks.

It couldn't have been the old man since he looked like someone who'd tire out from just lifting his finger. Someone stronger must be with him. I decided to not answer the man, not wanting to cause trouble.

"Young lady?" he called out again the second I started walking. "There is a white shadow following you."

He pointed behind me and I quickly turned round but saw nothing. I dismissed what the old man said, thinking he was insane. I could hear him calling for me as I kept on walking. I had no time to listen to him.

I hadn't walked far when I heard glass breaking. It came from the old man's house. I felt my conscience pulling me to help him but at the same time Haru needed my help. I cursed at my weakness and ran back to the house.

The front door had been ripped from its hinges and stood upright on the grass. The front window was smashed and the curtain pulled down. Someone strong was responsible for this but it wasn't alone. I would guess a group of three since the gate leading to the back garden was damaged as well.

It was as if they were planning to corner them. But the old man seems immobile so whoever they were hunting was the person who boarded the windows.

I rushed inside through the front door. The hallway looked old fashioned with a small door near the entrance and the stairs above it. There were antiques and pictures hanging on the walls. The old man called from the front room which was the first door on the left. Before I entered, I checked the area but nothing alerted danger. I crawled into the room and ducked behind the moss coloured sofa when I heard a shuffle.

The shuffle was followed by faint whispering, making out 5 people in the kitchen. One had pulled out a chair, whereas the others shuffled around, pacing nervously. I wondered what was going on. Looking towards the stairs, I had a feeling something was there. I could sense it. I followed my instinct and tiptoed towards the stairs.

I was worried about the hidden creaks in the stairs since it was a very old house; well it did smelled like one. I had to be cautious. Taking my chances, I climbed the stairs and missed the old steps. I survived the challenge and met with total darkness. I wasn't familiar with my surroundings and used the wall to guide me. The first door wasn't far but it was locked so I moved onto the next room. This time the other door was open. It was an unfurnished room with just a large wardrobe next to the window. It was big enough to fit two people in it. I opened the door and saw it filled with all kinds of clothes. Colourful dresses, plain smart trousers and boxes of shoes on the shelf above. Under the clothing were more boxes. I parted the hanging clothes into two section but nothing was hidden behind it.

I was sure the feeling was coming from this room. Walking around, I found nothing else and moved on. I entered the next room which was completely furnished. There was an old man smell drifting in the air. This must be his room. It was nicely set with a double bed and a large window, letting plenty of light from the moon into the room. I rummaged through it but found nothing.

Starting worry, all kinds of conclusions popped into my head with the worst case scenario being the death of the old man.

All of a sudden, a shuffling sound came from the hallway. It wasn't heavy like the one I heard in the kitchen so it couldn't be them. I followed the sound to the locked door. Staring at it confused, I was sure that it was locked. Sensing the danger, I took my chances and entered.

It was a pitch black room. Daringly, I used the flash light, hoping no one would notice the flickering light. The room was fit for a young girl. Shelves were filled with soft toys with a beautiful antique dressing table filled with all kind of things. It was glamorous with a bed fit for a princess right next to it. Its covers pink and elegant and a thin silk cloth drapping around the bed. Definetly a princess's room.

The old man must've really treasured her to have spoiled her with this much stuff. Looking around, I found pictures of a small girl with thick black curls but one picture in particular caught my eye. It was a 3 year old girl sitting in the arms of a woman - presuming it was her mother since they both had thick curls- surrounded by people dressed in white coats. Spots of dirt and dust were covered on their coats and each had either goggles on their head or a mask hanging from their neck. It looked like a research facility but in a place that was different from this city; a place of total darkness.

I heard a noise coming from the wardrobe causing me to jump. It was a faint thud but I definitely heard it. Slowly walking towards the noise, I reached an oak wardrobe. It was just as big as the one in the unfurnished room. Exhaling a long sharp breath, I opened the doors and pushed the clothes apart. There she was. Her eyes squinted and she retreated in a ball when she met the blinding light. Her thick dark curls covering most of her small body and the gaps revealed a beautiful white night gown.

"Turn it off! You're blinding me!" she squealed anxiously and lifting up her arm to cover her face.

I immediately reached for her mouth, turned off the flash light and crawled into the wardrobe.

"Sshh" I whispered, slowly letting my hand go when I felt a slight nod of her tiny head."They'll hear us"

"I knew you'd come Elizabeth Thorne." she said in an uncaring tone.

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The End

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