Chapter Nine

Glossary: Hyung means older brother in Korea :)

 - Chapter Nine -

Haru’s POV

After the day we had, I could see that I was starting to annoy Eli. I didn’t know why I was creating so much grief, complaining at things that could be resolved so simply. Like this sharing a bed situation. Since this was a luxury hotel, their rooms should be huge, even if there was just a double bed parked in the middle of the room. There had to be a sofa in that deluxe room which I could sleep on but if not, then the floor it will be. I shouldn’t have acted like a little child she was babysitting...I should probably apologize.

I turned towards Eli, realising she was squatting on the floor, but she was not alone. In front of her, the elevator boy was there, moving his head closer to her. I watched them, not knowing what to do. Frozen on the spot, all kinds of thoughts passed through my mind. Clutching my fists tightly, I felt the urge to pull the collar of the golden, cashmere elevator boy uniform and land a fist on his pretty face. But then I remembered an incident and I unclenched my fists, letting out a tired and annoyed sigh.

Looking up, I locked eyes with Eli. Her pale blue eyes stared back at me and analysed every part of me. I could see the hurt, the anger and the tiredness in her eyes from the hard times that she had to endure. Even though she’d never told me what her past had been like, her eyes could tell you, she just had a strong exterior; strong enough to push down all kinds of emotions, even when she acted happy and playful. Spending time with her allowed me to learn that  it was all lies. She was the kind of girl, that wouldn’t drag anyone down with her or let someone get close to her; close enough to surface painful emotions that were better left buried.

Just looking into her eyes made me feel flustered and embarrassed. I turned away and covered my face, not wanting her to see. Even though she was acting dense, I knew deep down that she knew what I thought of her. She just chose to ignore it, which I think was probably for the best.

Once I had cooled down, I looked back to see what they were doing, when I saw Eli’s face, with an expression which easily interpreted for me into a face which should be feared, knowing full well of what she was capable of. The elevator boy’s face turned pale in return and he retreated back to his position near the elevator panel.

“That’s my girl.” I thought, feeling a little proud.

I knew Eli wouldn’t fall for a guy like that. She could eat pretty boys for breakfast; just using them until they expired and then throwing them away. Even with her tomboy like features, the guys would turn their heads, just to watch her walking by. Watching her hips sway under a pair of baggy jeans or a long shirt. No matter how loose her clothes hanged over her, her female features could be spotted.

But Eli never let those guys get close to her, let alone touch her. However, at that moment, I was confused as to how the elevator boy managed to get close to her and touched her without her punching the daylights out of him.

The elevator door opened and Eli rushed out, as if she was isolated in a prison cell. Pulling out the room key from her clutches, I returned to my thoughts. I was confused and wondered why she let him go. Maybe she did really fall for a guy like that…

"No she wouldn’t have, would she? Really?" I thought, biting my thumb nervously.

I shook that thought out of my mind and scanned the room key on the panel underneath the handle. There must have been something wrong. Damn, I should have just switched off my music so I could've eavesdropped on their conversation.

All of a sudden, Eli grabbed hold of my arms, shaking me slightly before I could open the room door, snapping me out of my thought process.

“Haru, I completely forgot! What time is it right now?”

I pulled up my sleeve and told her the time. Then she said something absurd, that the device had predicted the expressway to blow up. However, I didn’t want to believe that. There was no way a device could predict something like that, but Eli seemed to believe it and I had no idea why.

Earlier, when she told me that I would be captured, I just thought that if I didn’t move my ass faster towards the shopping centre those guys would have hauled me into the darkest part of prison. Even I had a past that I wasn’t proud of and never shared it with anyone other than Notch, the guy who raised me. He was like a father to me, but he refused to accept that title so he made me call him 'hyung'.

She rushed into the room and took a few things out of the gym bag and the shoulder bag she’d been carrying. I paid no attention to her and returned to my thoughts after parking myself on the extremely comfortable bed. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a luxury hotel like The Glitz. I’d probably change my mind and end up sleeping on here. After feeling the mattress and the duvet covers, there was no way I was going to sleep on the black, leather sofa opposite the bed. With the windows being directly in front of the sofa, the minute the sun would rise in the morning, the rays would enter through like razors and blind me, waking me up from whatever dream I would be having. No way was I going to ruin a good night’s sleep to be woken up like that, but then again, what sleep would the both of us be getting from the day we were having?

All of a sudden, I felt a chilly breeze coming from behind, followed by a loud thud and a beeping sound that I would recognise from anywhere. I turned around quickly and saw Eli closing the window behind her, smirking at me. Rushing towards the window, I saw what she'd thrown out and my assumptions were right. She could've hit someone who'd probably be shocked from experiencing a near death situation!

I shouted at her because she was acting unusual, like she lost it, but then I knew why she was upset. I'd been ignoring her, not believing her when she told me about the device, even though she was going to explain it to me. I should've just been patient and helped her, instead of acting like a cold bastard. She was my best friend and the only person I had right now. Without her, I would've just given up by now and accepted my fate.

All of a sudden, I was cut off when simultaneous explosions could be heard near the expressway. I stared out the window as thick black smoke emerged from the main pillars, holding the expressway up. From the distance, I could see  the expressways give way and collapsed. Vehicles rolled down and more explosions followed.

My heart sank, as I regretted not believing Eli and helping all those people. Thousands must've died there with causalities in serious conditions. This was my entire fault. I could've prevented that but I had to act like a jerk when Eli needed me.

Glancing at Eli, I expected her to shout at me, blame me or even punch me for my behaviour, but she stood there, grinning with her hands on her hip. She was feeling proud for some reason and that confused me. I was about to ask her why she was grinning, when people were dying in front of her, but she walked over to the flat screen TV that was hovering to the left of the bed. Switching on the TV, she tapped the remote, knowing exactly which channel she wanted.

“It had been five minutes since explosions occurred at the expressway, connecting the districts Rockport, Fair Haven, Drow's Market and Dirtfill Village. Thanks to a cute pumpkin character, wearing a green and white striped witch’s hat and a jester's outfit, playing on all the electronic billboards and traffic signs, notifying people about the explosion, the casualties have been at a minimum. Here is the video shown before the explosion.”

The video showed a pumpkin dancing on the screen, holding a bomb with a countdown timer on it. Under it, there was red text that looked like blood, explaining what was going to happen followed by the pumpkin exploding  at the end of the timer with the words;


This repeated itself twice before the image was returned to Valen Hersch, a middle-aged news anchor, with a horrified expression. Even she couldn't believe the gore of the video, as the pumpkin’s guts and juices splattered on the screen. She let out a cough to clear her throat and faced the camera, returning to her smiling self.

“Due to this message, thousands of people evacuated their vehicles in time with minimum casualties and no deaths so far. The police and the fire department are at the scene right now, trying to find out who this mysterious pumpkin is and the villain behind the explosion. This is Valen Hersch, reporting live from Fair Haven.”

Eli switched off the TV and leaned back, lying on the bed with her arms stretched out.

“All in a day’s work" she sighed, feeling exhausted. "But I hope no one died.” She muttered, loud enough for me to hear. I sat next to her and patted her head.

“You did well and I am sorry I didn’t believe you.”

“It’s okay. I should apologize for shouting at you. We both had a crazy day and the stress must have gotten to us.”

I nodded at her and dragged the gym bag towards me, taking out my spare laptop.

“We have ten minutes; shall we try to find out what the hell these devices can do?” I said with enthusiasm, ready for payback.

“Yeah, do that while I call some people and ask them about SIN because those bastards are going to pay for everything they have done.” She said, gritting her teeth and clutched her fist tightly.

I smiled at her and felt glad she was back to her regular self. She was probably right that stress was the reason we were down each other’s throats.

For the next ten minutes, we were busy at work, gathering any information that was useful to us. Eli was mostly shouting down the phone and threatening her contacts. Those contacts were money-hungry people, but they didn’t realise all the favours they owned her. Favours, such as getting rid of a mess for them, dirtying her already stained hands or collecting a debt. However, when it was her turn to ask for a favour, she would end up with a sore throat and a foul mood for the rest of the day.

I found that the devices had a purpose of their own. They weren't the same, as they were programmed differently. Eli’s device had been so amazingly programmed  that I wanted to salute the person who created it. It was complex and like a maze and every turn I took, it dragged me right back to the beginning. But I kept going, as I had the motivation to overcome this.

Just as I was having fun, the room turned pitch black. I checked the lamp on the bedside table, but it wasn't turning on. I looked around and saw that the rest of the district was in darkness. Suddenly, the devices lit up, brightening half the room. I saw Eli standing over her device, spellbound by the blue holographic image emerging from the screen. The image was of a man wearing thick armour and a helmet that covered his face till the top of his lips. His lips started to move and the following words came out:

Judgement is upon you, be prepared to accept it, offenders.

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The End

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