Chapter Eight

- Chapter Eight -

The spell broke. I pushed him off me and got up quickly then stumbled backwards and used the elevator railing to get my balance back. My head started to spin and all I saw was Haru, staring at me with a painful expression, as if he'd been stabbed. Seeing me staring at him he quickly turned around, using one hand to cover his flustered face and the other hand to adjust the gym bag he was carrying.

“Hey, it’s alright. We’ve just got one more floor to go, so hang in there.” Cale said, grabbing hold of my shoulders to help me keep steady but I shrugged his arm off me.

I couldn't believe I was spellbound by him. Feeling ashamed by what just happened, I took my anger out at Cale, glaring at him as if I was going to kill him. He took a step back as the look on my face frightened him. His sweet expression turned into fear and he returned to his position next to the elevator panel like a puppy putting its tail between its legs, admitting defeat. We rode to the last floor in silence.

I was glad my heart wasn't acting like that because of his extremely good looks but for some reason, my heart hurt more, when I saw Haru’s face. The painful expression that hanged on his face, allowed me to regain some sense. My brain felt like a normal girl, who'd fall in love with a guy like Cale. But I wasn't a normal girl and I was glad I'd realised that before our lips had met. If not, my first kiss would have disappeared due to the spur of a moment. I exhaled, trying to keep the lump of vomit that was climbing up my throat down.

I heard a ping sound and the elevator doors opened, I dashed out into the hallway, feeling relieved and breathed in the fresh air; glad that I wouldn’t have to experience that again anytime soon. Haru followed suite and took the room key out of my hand.

“Eli?” Cale called out my name, smiling shyly and holding a piece of paper at me. “I would like to take you out sometime, so here is my number and my address. Give me a call, when you get a chance to settle down.” He said, handing me the piece of paper.

I stared at the paper, as if he’d given me an alien object which I had no idea how to operate. He flashed the smile which had previously melted my body but which left no effect on me the second time. Out of kindness, I smiled back and stuffed the paper into the back pocket of my jeans. I knew I had no need of calling him ever again, but I would like to make him think he would have a chance with me. The elevator door closed behind me, as Cale waved my way. I simply rejected his wave and followed Haru to our room.

The whole trip to the room was spent in complete silence. None of us had the energy to talk or discuss the series of events. My mind was rushing with topics to talk to him about, but no words left my mouth. Our room was at the end of the hallway near a large window  with a spectacular view. Fair Haven was stretched across the view, with tall buildings lighting up the scenery as the district buzzed. The dark, misty sky in the background, filled with dimly lit stars, but the full moon radiated the brightest light of them all.

My face was close to the window as I admired the view, leaving a circle of water vapour on the window where I breathed. I could see the shopping mall, where the explosion had occurred. Most of the smoke had faded, but there were a lot of sirens coming from that direction. On the right, the Metropolitan expressway was as busy as usual with car horns sounding in the distance.

All of a sudden, I remembered the device.

“Haru, I completely forgot. What time is it right now?”

Haru lifted up the sleeve of his grey hoodie and revealed his watch,

“23.30. Why?”

“The device said that at 23.40 the expressway will be blown up. What shall we do?”

“Let it explode.” Haru said, with no enthusiasm.

He glided the card key over the scanner and waited for the door to click. I couldn’t believe Haru. When did he start acting like this, not caring about innocent people being blown up? Why was he changing now when I need him the most? We could…. No, we had to warn someone and get the expressway shut down. Every second counted, but all Haru did was feel  gloomy and sorry for himself for absolutely no reason, as he slouched on the double bed. Even I was tired, but that didn't mean I wouldn't spend a few minutes, trying to save as many people as I could.

I picked up the gym bag and placed it on the bed. After taking my phone and the device out of the shoulder bag, I placed them both next to the gym bag. With one knee on the bed, I reached for Haru’s backpack which was still resting on his shoulders. I opened it carefully, not wanting to disturb whatever mood Haru was in, and took out his laptop. I knelt on the floor; the soft cream carpet feeling blissful under my scraped knees. I didn’t expect less from an expensive hotel like this. Even the view outside was just breath-taking. The room was a wall of windows, except for the bathroom and the wall near the door.

Returning my focus to the laptop and the device, I tapped my phone to wake it up. Several notifications popped up on the device's screen, but scrolling through them, they didn't look important. Once the equipment was all plugged in and ready to go, I cracked my fingers, starting to type. I was nowhere close to the typing speed of a notorious hacker, who had not moved an inch since he parked himself on the bed, but it was a reasonable speed to get what I needed to get done in five minutes. 

I plugged my phone into the cord that Haru left in the laptop while we tried to escape the apartment, and uploaded a video, attaching it to the email which I’d been writing. I then  dismantled the phone, placing it on the bedside table and looked at the clock on the right hand corner of the laptop screen.

I had five more minutes to turn this plan into a success. I hit send and watched the page load, sending the email to all the recipients I'd found. Disconnecting the network that I’d managed to hack into and logged off, erasing any trace of me being on there. I got up and opened the window next to the bedside table. Fresh air entered the room and the breeze felt nice in a refreshing way against my worn out body. After flinging the laptop, the phone and its battery out of the window, I waited till I heard a crashing sound, closing the window

This woke Haru out of the slumber which he was in and he stood up. I returned to the bed and sat there, acting as if nothing happened. My eyes followed him, rushing towards the window and looking down before facing me.

“What the hell Eli?! That was my laptop! You could have seriously hurt someone throwing things from this distance!” Haru shouted at me.

“Oh, so now you care." I scoffed. "When it involves your stuff you start caring for people?! I could say the same to you..." I paused, as I stepped forward with my hands on my hip. "What the hell Haru?! Why the hell are you in this foul mood? I mean I can understand that the shooting and the surviving frustrates you, but you got to remember we have been doing this for four years. Not once have you acted like this, until today. What is your problem?!”

“My problem is you, Eli.” He said, but before he could continue, a large and explosion echoed from behind us. Smoke climbed its way up the sky and screams could be heard near the expressway.

This day was just going to get worse and there were only twenty minutes to midnight.

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The End

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