Chapter Seven

 - Chapter Seven -

“Can we get a room for two please?”

“Would you like a double bed or two singles?” The hotel receptionist asked with a radiant smile, brightening my day a little.

“Two singles please.” I said, looking at Haru who was observing our surroundings.

We'd come inside the most expensive hotel we could find, Glitz hotel – known for its magical and professional architecture, with bright lighting that made the golden pillars dazzle and white tiles which glistened like diamonds. It truly looked like a palace of a very rich king, bringing on a feeling of privilege.

I watched the receptionist type things into the computer, wearing her caramel coloured hair in a perfect sock bun with a pencil stuck through it. She had quite an elegant feel and radiated an aura of professionalism with her polished, navy blue suit over a white shirt and a cute dark green silk scarf tied around her neck.

“I am sorry Miss, but there is just one room available with a double bed on the 20th floor. It is all I can give you on such short notice. Is that okay?” she asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Yes, that is okay. We will manage somehow.” I replied.

“No, we will not. Are you sure there is no suite available or a penthouse?” Haru asked, banging his hands on the counter and leaned towards the frightened receptionist.

I nudged Haru in the stomach and glared at him furiously. How can he protest at a time like this? This may have been the first time that he’d acted spoilt and demanding.

“I am sorry. My friend here has a serious hygiene problem, allowing him to never sleep in the same bed as someone else.” I lied, and smiled at her in an attempt to give her some assurance that Haru was harmless.

“I am sorry, but this is the last room. So you can either take it or try looking into another hotel.” She replied tightly; I guess that my persuading didn’t work.

“That should be alright. We will manage somehow.” I replied, glaring at Haru, who had given up on fighting for a room with two single beds.

He picked up our stuff and ushered the bell boy away, needing no help from the skinny, short guy in his late 40s. Taking the key from the receptionist, I followed Haru towards the elevator.

“You had to tell her I am a crazy hygiene freak.” Haru said, not looking at me, but his tone told me instantly that he was annoyed.

“Why do you care? Do you like her?” I snapped back. How dare he try to tell me off right now? I could have said something worse.

“No, I don't.” he mumbled, pressing the elevator panel.

I wasn't in the mood to tease Haru, as I’d had the worst night ever. Being chased, hunted and marked had been too much for me today. I’d been going through this half my life and at times like that, I'd always get tired from running; running from whoever was trying to point a gun at me or drop me in a prison, where darkness would engulf me, like a large whale catching its dinner.

I was tired of moving all the time; dropping whatever place I’d come to call home just so I won’t get caught. I should've learned to just live in hotels, but I liked to have a cosy apartment and trying to act normal. Hotels just cost too much and it was an easy way for anyone who wanted to find me to come knocking on my door.

The elevator door opened at the sound of a ‘ping’ and I locked eyes with the elevator boy. He was just as tall as Haru except more muscular with better, manlier features. The elevator boy flashing a smile at me, so I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“What floor?” he asked, still smiling while keeping his emerald green eyes on me.

Those eyes were so hypnotic that I just had to stare deeply into them. His intense stare passed right through me; piercing my heart and melting me from the inside.

“Eli, what is our room number.” Haru said, feeling annoyed. Maybe he realised how the guy was affecting me.

The spell broke and reality hit me hard. I looked around, confused, and took a few seconds to realise where I was. My eyes finally rested on my hands and I stared at the golden hotel room key I’d been clutching on tightly for some odd reason. 

“Uhm… floor 20, please.” I said nervously.

He pressed the button with the number twenty on it and the elevator door closed in front of me. A pleasant melody played through the speakers, but the silence in the elevator was killing me. No matter how pleasant the music was, I never quite liked elevators, as they made me feel anguished, claustrophobic and just freak me out.

Starting to feel uncomfortable and agitated, I took a few steps back and found myself against a corner. Looking around, there was no escape. I may have gotten used to always finding a way to escape, but this elevator brought a slight panic in me. Even a strong person like me, has her weaknesses.

“Miss, are you feeling alright?”

I stared at the elevator boy, as he had his face close to mine. His eyes sucked me in again but it made me feel better, just focusing on him and not trying to find an escape route.

“I just don’t like elevators and don’t call me miss. My name is Eli.” I replied, slowly breathing in and out.

“What a unique name. Is there is a way I can make you feel better?” He asked kindly.

I looked at the number above the elevator doors and realised we’d just passed the eight floor.

“Another twelve floors.” I sighed, taking a quick glance at Haru, who was too busy listening to music, then to understand the situation I was in. The elevator numbers seemed to be more important to him.

Breathing in and out reduced the panic, but it was not helping much. Swiftly, the elevator boy held my hand and made me feel slightly reassured and I smiled at him, feeling grateful that there was someone who cared.

“I am Cale by the way.” He smiled and squeezed my hand a little when he saw me putting my hand on my forehead. I was becoming dizzy but luckily there were only six floors left.

“I think talking may help you keep your mind off your panic.” He whispered, as his warm breath hit my cheek. My heart skipped a beat and then started to beat faster, beating a thousand beats per minute. My breathing became short and the need for oxygen became scarce.

“Hey, are you alright?”

“My heart…it hurts.” I said, barely being able to speak, squatting down.

I felt as if someone was squeezing my heart and tugging on it. He placed both his hands onto my shoulder and squatted in front of me.

“Look at me.” Cale said softly, placing his hand under my chin and lifting up my head.

I couldn't help stare at him and was taken aback by his breathtakingly good looks. His plump cute cheeks, long eyelashes and pale lips matched his fair skin perfectly. I just felt like leaning forward and pressing my lips against his. Squeezing his cheeks and running my fingers through his silky, short, jet black hair that seemed to have been straightened so naturally that not even a hair stuck out. As my gaze increasingly roamed his features, I didn't notice his face coming towards me slowly: his lips which I had dreamt about were about to press onto mine.

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The End

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