Chapter Six

 - Chapter Six -

Haru pushed me behind the wall and wrapped his right arm around me, closing the door behind us. Peeping through the gap between the hinges, he kept his eye on our pursuers and their movement. As he held me, my ear on his chest, his heart was beating in a calm rhythm.

But at a time like this, staying close to him in this cramped dusty room  filled with barrels of alcohol wasn't a good idea. I wriggled my way out of his arm and hurried across the room, where there was another door. From the gym bag, I pulled out a plastic case, revealing a set of lock pickers. Concentrating on the lock with gunfire sounding from behind me was hard but managed to pick it at a record time of under a minute.

The pursuers shuffled their way towards us, halting at every few steps to aim, in case we decided to come out. But they were wrong. There was no way we would leave and get captured right now. Haru moved away from his position and was standing over me; impatiently tapping the blue Van’s he was wearing on the creaking wooden floors. That annoyed me but I didn't need to concentrate anymore.

“They’re coming, hurry up.” He said, tapping the floor faster.

“I’m already done. Here, take this.” I handed him the pistol from the gym bag and pulled out the pistol from my belt.

After taking off the safety, I pulled out the magazine, checking the ammunition. The gun made a clicking sound as it reloaded and I aimed in front of me, seeing whether the gun was in top condition. Haru did the same with his gun and held it up near his face, pointing the barrel up.

When we were both ready, I opened the door and looked around, holding the gun in front of me and aiming; ready to shoot. The area we entered was a parking lot used by the customers from The Pit. The open space before us was the problem, making us visible to our enemy. However, I didn’t think they'd figure out this place to position some men here.

We rushed across the car park when we heard someone in front of us. We froze for a second and then hid behind a thick concrete pillar near a classy red Benz. Peeping from behind it, we looked for whoever was coming towards us, but no one was there, as if the footsteps were just a figment of our imagination. I looked around quickly, but saw nothing except lots of cars.

Moving a step forward, a bullet swept past my ear, followed by a gunshot coming from behind. In a flash, we spun our heels around and saw the young man shooting at us again, leading the group of men. I aimed and shot back at him while moving backwards, looking for cover. The men scattered and took cover behind the cars and the large recycling bins. Haru and I hid on the other side of the pillar when I heard a gun reload near my head and felt the icy cold barrel against my scalp.

“Don’t move.” A male voice grumbled.

Haru reacted and placed his gun against his head however the man was too fast and already had another gun pointed at Haru’s chest.

“Don’t even think about it. The two of you have caused a lot of commotion today and I am here to put an end to it.”

“Who are you?” I asked, trying to see if I could get any answers out of him.

“You don’t need to know that, just think of me as the guy who will let your asses rot in jail for a very…very long time.” He whispered in my ear, bringing his long and slimy tongue close to my neck.

I growled at him but that just made him chuckle. I wasn't going to give up right now, even if there was a gun pointed at my head. I rummaged through my shoulder bag quietly and smiled when I got hold of something. Pulling it out of the bag and I madly sprayed it behind me, without a clue where he was. Hearing him scream and swear at me gave me the satisfaction that I'd aimed right. Haru took this opportunity and hit the back of the guy's neck using his gun.

“Wasn’t it a good idea of me to make you carry a pepper spray? See, even with your intense training and strength, there are times when you are just a girl.” Haru said with a grin.

I grumbled at him, turning around and saw the man lying on the floor, unconscious. I was already in a foul mood so Haru's clear remarks weren't needed at all, right now.

I kicked the man a few times to make sure he was unconscious but really, it was to let out the frustration I was feeling against the unknown group of men chasing us and SIN.

I squatted down to take a closer look and saw a tattoo on the back of his shaven head. The tattoo was of an octopus with the letter ‘S’ printed on the face of it. A scar starting from his forehead going down to his right cheek made him look frightful and I wondered how he got that. Haru searched through his pocket for any evidence or ID, but all he had on him was a packet of cigarettes and a card that looked like a key. He picked up the guy’s guns and the rest of his belongings and put them in his bag.

“Eli let’s go.” He said, impatiently.

“Wait, there’s something there.” I said, picking up the guy’s hand.

His sleeve was clutching onto something tightly, but his grip soon loosened when I dropped his arm and it came rolling out.

“Eli, run now!” Haru shouted grabbing my elbow, pulling me up.

We started to run as far and as fast as we could. The men were shooting at us, but we had no time to take cover or return fire; we just had to rely on luck and their bad aim. We ran straight for the parking lot exit when a large explosion behind us  blew us forward. Car alarms were screaming as the explosion caused a sequence of explosions from the nearby cars. My ears were ringing and I felt a sharp pain coming from my hands and knees.

“You couldn’t just leave it be, could you?” Haru said as he helped me up, dusting my knees.

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The End

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