Chapter Five

- Chapter Five -

The time now, was 23:15pm.

Five more minutes and the prediction would come true. It'd been right when it beeped at me near the convenience store. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but when it predicted that those men were going to capture us, I just had to believe and run. I caught up with Haru and tapped his shoulder. He looked at me; surprised at what I wanted.

“What is wrong Eli?” he asked in between short breaths.

“You’re going to be captured if we don’t go there.” I said to him as a statement rather than a matter which would have room for negotiation.

“But that place has too many civilians.” He replied in an attempt to complain but already knowing my answer.

“Yeah, but it’s a risk we got to take. That place is the most crowded place we know. It is the only way, Haru.”I stared into his eyes; trying to give him reassurance.

“Okay, but I don’t want to lose sight of you Eli.” He said, squeezing my hand gently.

All I could do was smile and believe his words. Running across the street, multiple car horns sounded in a canon at us from behind. The drivers most likely cussed at us, but we simply took no notice. We jumped over the railing and entered the shopping mall. Although it was close to midnight, this place was crowded. Crowds of people were walking around with shopping bags, either in groups or by themselves.

I didn't blame them for having a late night shopping spree as this shopping mall was just amazing, with over five thousand stores spread over fifty something floors. This place would be a dream come true for those who loved to shop. The shopping centre looked ancient on the outside but after going in there, it looked dazzling, elegant and rich with its glass railings, shining, white floors and silver metallic pillars.

We crossed the plaza and ran to the escalators. Ahead of us, people didn't want to follow the rules by keeping to the right and so once again, we were playing the dodging game. Suddenly my patience ran out and I jumped onto the railing between the escalators. Haru didn't take long to follow me and ran behind. People looked at us with amazement, while muttering comments laced with disapproval. The railing was a bit slippery, but we managed to get to the bottom.

We heard the groans, growls and shouts from a group of men wearing dark suits at the top of the escalator, telling people to move. It had to be them. They were getting

closer than I thought, but that didn't mean we should stop running. We ran through the large crowds; having no time to apologize to anyone we bumped into. Another escalator was right in front of us, and without hesitation, we climbed onto the railing and ran past the people as they stared at us with either unhappy or amazed expressions. We were probably the only amusement they had seen for the day.

A group of good looking guys that were about nineteen years old went up the elevator and stared at us, as if we were crazy. I flashed them a smile and a wink and heard them burst out into laughter. One of them even flashed me a 'call me' sign, using his fingers as a phone. Haru saw them and gave me an unsatisfied look when I giggled at him. He tugged on my sleeve, urging me to hurry along. We continued down the railing and turned right into the main shopping area. The voices of the men seemed to be a little further now, but we were still not in the clear as we had yet to arrive.

The Pit was the bar we entered, a place that was always packed with people shouting loudly and acting drunk. We tried to push through the crowd, but it was too crowded for us to even move an inch and we ended up receiving a lot of procrastinations from those whom we dared to push against. I felt Haru’s hand no longer holding mine and used all of my strength to push through, while trying to keep my eyes on him. There were a handful of guys here who had blonde curls so finding him wasn't going to be easy. I may as well concentrate on reaching the exit. Maybe Haru would be waiting for me there. Even with my tall build, I felt squished between these people, bumping me at every chance they got.

Unexpectedly, I felt a pinch on my ass, causing me to jump up and let out a squeal.

“That was a cute squeal, babe.”The owner of the hand whispered in my ear and laughed.

Looking back, I simply ignored him and continued to push through the crowd, trying to escape from the gentleman in a red suit.

“Hang on, where are you going?” he asked, holding onto my wrist. His grip tightened, when I tried to unclench him off me.

“Let go.” I hissed.

“No, I will not. Let’s just hang out with each other and have a good time.” He said, staring at me with his pale grey eyes, giving me a sly expression. I knew what he meant by a good time and I wasn't going to stand around and let him force me into things.

“I won’t ask you again, let go!” I shouted with anger, wanting to get as far away as possible from the gentlemen. For some reason, he gave me an uneasy feeling, like he was dangerous and he wanted something from me.

Before he could reply, the pursuers barged through the entrance.

“Everyone, get down! This is a raid!” They shouted, blocking the entrance with their large bodies.

I didn't know if I should have been happy that they came at a time like this; rescuing me from the sly and greasy old man or if I should have been worried by how fast they had managed to retrieve their information of this location. The crowd didn't listen and continued dancing, until three shots were fired, causing a panic. Everyone was screaming and shouting in havoc while franticly scrambling towards the exit.

“Everyone, get down right now!” They shouted again.

This time, the crowd listened and they all crouched down. The gentlemen let go of my hand, during the chaos and used this perfect opportunity to slither away. Before they realised where I was, I rushed past the crowd and saw Haru standing at the exit with a worried expression. When he saw me, a smile spread across his face. I reached for his hand and he pulled me towards the exit when I heard a gunshot.

Turning around, a young man wearing a black protective vest over his suit, holding 9mm hand pistol aimed at us. His face was filled with rage, swaying his black fringe away from his eyes. He fired the gun again and a spray of bullets followed. I saw the bullets pass us, barely missing.

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The End

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