Chapter Four

- Chapter Four -

I rushed up the stairs and stood in front of our apartment door. Taking a deep breath in, I unlocked the door.

"I’m back!" I shouted, kicking off my shoes in the hallway.

I calmly made my way into the kitchen and dropped the shopping bag on the cold black and white tiles, taking out a can of Big Drop, a bag of ChocoSquares and three lollipops. On my way to Haru, I put one of the lollipops in my mouth and sat next to him, putting the items on the coffee table. He had yet to eat any of the biscuits or drink water. Due to the blaring music from his headphones, getting Haru's attention wasn't easy, so I gently pulled his headphones down. But he didn’t look at me, keeping his eyes fixed on the laptop. Leaning forward, I whispered into his ear.

“Outside the window, at seven o’clock, there are two men on the roof of the building opposite our room. Three more are to the east and two black unmarked vans are parked outside. We have ten minutes to get out of here before they march up those stairs.”

“How do you know?” Haru asked, keeping his eyes fixed on the laptop.

“I will tell you later. But right now, we have to go.” I stated firmly; careful to keep my voice low as what I had said was only for Haru’s ears to hear.

“So what would you like to do?” He replied, sparing me a quick side glance before returning his focus to the laptop yet again.

“I will go into my room and close the curtain, as they will be watching me. I will pack what is needed and place the bag in the guest room. When I return, a kiss on the cheek is your cue to go into your room and pack. Lucky for you, there is no window in there so destroy your equipment like you always do. This has to be done in five minutes and we will through the guest room window. Don’t rush or else they will get suspicious.”

Haru nodded as I got up, taking a bottle of water and then strolled into the kitchen, filling the shopping bag with whatever food we had including the remaining bottles of water before entering my room. Taking off my jacket and T-shirt, I was left with only a bra and jeans. I drew the curtains, feeling the urge to peek but that would just ruin our escape. I focused my whole attention on dressing; putting on a large navy T-shirt, which I think belonged to Haru but that wasn't important right now.

Opening my wardrobe, I pulled out an empty, black gym bag and placed in it the shopping bag, several pieces of clothing, my hair brush and make up kit. I was still a girl  so those items were essential but to Haru, it would just be extra weight. Rummaging through my room, making a mess of things, I got under the bed and pulled out a silver thick suitcase. 

After inputting the combination, I opened it up to find all kinds guns in there, along with several passports, ID’s, stacks of Chrona notes and cards. The two semi-automatic Beretta M9 pistols caught my eye as they were small enough to carry. I took them out, as well as a medium sized knife, the passports, ID and Chrona cards. Anything else would just weigh me down. I checked the ammunition of the guns and stuck one of them in the back of my jeans' belt, then placed the rest of the stuff in the gym bag.

When I was done packing, I dragged the gym bag into the unfurnished guest room then looked out the window and saw nothing, except for the fire escape stairs that lead to the street. When the coast was clear, I strolled out of the room, leaving the window open and closed the door behind me. Returning to my place next to Haru, I leaned forward to drop my plump cherry blossom lips onto his slightly tanned cheeks.

Haru smiled cheekily and glanced my way to annoy me. To annoy me even more, he took the lollipop that I had been enjoying out of my mouth and took it with him. Flashing that annoying grin at me, he closed his laptop and picked up the device. When he reached his room, he shut the door behind him and was in there for several minutes.

Out of the blue, thin smoke escaped through the gaps in the door. He emerged from the room carrying a bag, coughing and wafting the smoke from his face, then into the guest room he went. When he returned, he held out his hands in front of me which I grabbed hold of, and lifted me up from the floor. His strength was amazing as his triceps and biceps contract. He wasn't just a computer geek but a good looking one as well.

We entered the room and I took this opportunity to put on a jacket while Haru threw the bags out the window, climbed out. I followed suit and he handed me the gym bag. Hauling it over my shoulder I adjusted the weight, so my shoulder wouldn't ache. We tiptoed carefully down the fire escape then jumped down onto the large green dust bin, landing on the street and looked both ways to check our surroundings.

To our left, the street would've leaded us to the front entrance of our apartment building but that was where the men were camping. We turned to our right and kept walking until we reached the main street. Haru grabbed my hand and we started acting like a pair of loved adolescents. The main street was busy with people who had decided to go out for the night or those who’d just come back from work. Even though we tried our best to dodge past these people, we often ended up brushing past a few shoulders or arms. Most ignored the gentle tap but a few expected us to apologize as we walked past.

I adjusted the gym bag again when we stopped at a traffic light. Cars were speeding past, leaving behind a strong wind of acceleration. In this city, only the rich and the middle class could afford cars, leaving the working class with packed up trains that only arrived at the station every three hours. The trains were old and rusted, and arrived at every station in the industrial and commercial districts, never reaching the middle class and prestigious districts.

Haru tugged my arm and we started crossing the street, heading for the Fair Haven train station which was just a few minutes walk from this traffic light. We had only crossed half of the road when all of a sudden three black vans sped towards us.

“Run!” I screamed, letting go of Haru's hand and running as fast as I could.

We had to reach the station as that was the only place to escape from these mysterious people. Out of the blue, the device started beeping again. I pulled it out of the shoulder bag, tapping the notification.

The message read;

At 23.20; The offender Haru will be captured.

At 23.40; There will be a large explosion near the Metropolitan expressway

At 0.00; A blackout in the districts Fair Haven, Rock port, Dirtfill Village and Drow’s Market will occur.

Would this night ever end?

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The End

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