Chapter Two

- Chapter Two -

Taking the device out the box, Haru shuffled forward and we stood in silence; staring at the screen of it with curiosity. What was black soon transitioned into a bright, white screen and the words 'SIN' appeared within a loading circle, but without the 3D dice. We waited patiently for whatever the operating system was initiating to load, but our curiosity soon turned into boredom. I was about to give up and turning off the device when all of a sudden Haru got up. My eyes followed him as he went into the kitchen, returning with what looked like a battery charger. I was about to ask where he was going, but somehow he knew what I was thinking and stopped me before I even had the chance.

“I’m going to get my laptop.” He said dryly, walking into his room.

“What for?” I asked, a little stumped. It seemed like my mind was worn out after trying to conjure arguments which could bypass Haru’s reluctance to keeping the devices.

“Duh Eli. To do what I know best. Hack. And find out what the hell all this is about.”

He waved his hand in the direction of where I was sat with the two devices, grimacing while at it.

“Taking that long to load is just suspicious because that device looks very high tech, so providing that it lived up to the era in which it was made and performed at fast speeds, we wouldn't have been sitting here in boredom. “ He laughed; something which I found to be quite cynical seeing as we were both seething in a full blown argument no more than 5 minutes ago.

He disappeared for what seemed like forever and soon returned carrying a shiny white, twelve inch VAIO Sony laptop under his arms. It was small and portable, which was one of the reasons Haru bought it. After placing the laptop on the table, taking a pale pink cushion from the maroon, three-seater, leather sofa, and placing it on the floor, he shuffled himself forward. Rummaging through the box, not finding what he wanted, he got up again, returning to his room.

I watched him eagerly, noting every move he made. I don't know why this interested me, but I guessed the only explanation was that I was simply bored. He plugged in two USB cords he found in his room and connected the devices into the laptop.

Haru looked up and stared into my pale blue eyes, before he quickly averted his gaze back down, picked up his AKG full sized headphones from his neck and placed the blue ellipsoid ear cups onto his ears. Both cups were connected by a thin, steel band that protruded in the form of cat ears behind his curls; they were a cute pair of headphones. Haru glared at his laptop screen, and took a deep breath in before engaging in a lengthy process which embarked on a vigorous attack on keys of his keyboard. His fingers moved at lightning speed, sliding over the keys and producing words on the screen so fast that my eyes could barely keep up.

Immediately, the device screens became brighter as the program got past the boring loading screen. Taking a look at the devices, all kinds of apps appeared: from games and movies to reading books and music. However, Haru didn't stop. As he continued his frantic typing, which formed a rhythm with the music that was booming from his headphones, the screen started to glitch and the apps slowly disappeared.

I couldn’t help but stare at Haru with an impersonation of that look which read ‘I told you so.’ Which I had seen him shoot in my direction every once in a while since the first day I met him. Unfortunately that look was wasted as Haru’s attention was solely focused on the magic that had come out of the detonation of the keys on his keyboard.

I couldn’t have cared less, anyway. I was too amazed at the fact that my gut feeling was actually right!

I'd known that there was something hidden within these devices and thanks to Haru’s skill, we'd be able find that out, uncovering what SIN was.


I snapped back to reality as a black screen appeared with sentences written in bright green, the amount of which accumulated until they covered a full page. Within a minute, the screen scrolled down, creating over fifty pages of the green text, written in what seemed to be a language which I couldn’t decipher. Haru stole a quick glance at the screen, before he continued his hacking.

A few minutes later, after another one of Haru’s attacks on the keyboard, a blue message popped up and of course my curiosity took over and caused my index finger to reach for the screen , tapping 'open'.

“Eli, what did you do?!” Haru groaned with frustration, dropping his headphones onto his neck, I quickly regained my rational self as the lyrics and beats of the song which Haru was listening to boomed from the inner black ear pads clearly.

I couldn’t concentrate on the song, or figuring it out, as Haru looked at me with disappointment and messed up his curls by ruffling it madly with both his hands.

“I was so close.” He said, indicating how close he was, by bringing his thumb and index finger close together and shaking it in front of my face.

“There was a message. I couldn't just ignore it. ” I said, innocently and pouted at him.

“Unbelievable.” He muttered slowly, giving me a look of disbelief. 

“What happened to not touching my equipment?” Ah, the beloved ‘I told you so’ expression returns. “Because of you I got blocked out and crashed before I could even take control of the system!”Haru exclaimed; his eyes widened in anger.

“Whatever, Haru, you can try again later but right now, this message looks weird. It says it's from Notch.”

“Our Notch?" he said in a confused tone. "That can’t be. The dude should be in Krynn prison, which is the highest security prison known to the world. There should be no way in which he could send a message or get in contact with someone to give this to us, even if he is the most famous hacker known.”

“I know right, but that's what’s written on the sender bit of the message. Also it was sent today at 20:17. Now it's 20.20, so isn’t that more suspicious.”

Haru cracked his fingers and massaged his hands, picked up his device and tapped ‘open’. He examined the message and turned to his laptop. After typing for several minutes, he let out a heavy sigh and massaged the bridge of his nose.

“I can’t seem to track the area it was sent from because of the crash. The security is really tight now but give me a few hours and I will crack it…maybe.”He said nonchalantly and shook his head.

Haru had an unsure look on his face and I didn’t blame him. This situation looked very technical and even the second best hacker might not have been able to complete it, but I trusted him. Apart from Notch, I had complete faith that Haru could accomplish this and get the information about this unknown organisation. Leaving Haru to his work, I scrolled down and read the message out loud.

Elizabeth Thorne, also known as Eli, you have been known as a high security threat in this world and have been chosen to be the 18th offender to be eliminated. Another message will be sent to you at midnight stating your felony and your judgement. You will have no choice but to accept the judgement that has been assigned to you.

Yours sincerely


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The End

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