Sin Mark Chapter 1

A young boy is born with a destiny that is yet unsure for him. He himself but decide on what path he shall tred upon. The story is set in The Medieval Age in a fictional continent called Grandshail. This is where the story of fascinating magic and wonder begins.

Sin Mark



The moon reflected the sun’s energy, glowing with what little light it had, on to the dark forest below. Clouds darkened the surface of the land of Grandshail . Rain pattered against the windows, in a small hut where a child was just born.


The child cried with confusion. He didn’t know what was happening, why he had to leave his mother womb.


“What should we call him?” asked the mother in a soft voice. She looked a lot younger than her age, and her age was twenty six. She had luminous blonde hair and light blue eyes that reflected the light from the candle. She was a good-hearted woman and always believed that anybody could become kind.


“I don’t know, he looks healthy to me and his body physique is good so I think we must give him a promising name. A name which he will not regret having.” answered the father strongly.

Leroy was a proud and sometimes strict father but he had compassion for his work. He was experienced in both the blade and the bow. His short black hair gave his expression a strong look, his green eyes added to it.

“But we must give him a beautiful name. He is our child after all.” added the mother, with a sign of demand.

“Well, I’d name him… Clarence.” he answered, like it was his final majestic say.

“That sounds promising...Clarence” the mother repeated, while a smile appeared on her face.

Lightning viciously shot from the sky, blinding the room. The child cried with dismay.

"Ssshh, Clarence you're with me now. You're safe. I will never let go of you." A red mark dimly appeared on the child's forehead. A thundering shot of lightning exploded from the sky, vibrating the house. The sound of it echoed seconds after, leaving a faint jolt of shock.

“The weather sure is wild today.” said James, with a struggling voice still affected by the vicious shot of lightning.

"Oh look James, something is on his forehead!”

Leroy carefully leaned in to observe the faint strange red cross. It had a circle around the cross and few other crossed lines in the middle.

"Don't worry, it's just a birth mark." His eyes uncertainly moved to the opposite direction.

"But it looks strange, I think I’ve seen it somewhere before. I suggest we check in with the Pope"

“Remember he can’t be blessed or checked by the Church until he’s ten years old.”

“Ah yes, you’re right. I always forget that.” said the mother with disappointment.

The rain stopped thundering against the windows. The sun shone through the dim gray clouds.


Chapter 1

Hard training


The forest of  Isdale is located near a small town named Grayrock, where Clarence was born. The town of Grayrock is a peaceful and friendly environment.  Mostly working class people live there. A few post guards operate around the city on their brown horses, keeping the thieves at bay.  There Clarence learns learns how to hunt animals and farm. As usual, Dad took him for a practice hunt on boars every Sunday in the forest.


It was a bright early morning; the trees glowed with life, standing over the two proud hunters. The sun filtered through the leaves, giving vision to the deep forest. The slowly flowing lake reflected the light from the sun, sparkling frivolously. A boar came tromping from a near bye bush near an old fallen oak, where the hunters were silently hiding, waiting for their prey.



Dad signalled Clarence to shoot the boar with his hand.

Clarence slowly aimed at the boar with his bow, struggling not to shake his hand he released the arrow. It quickly took off itself penetrating the boar directly in to the leg.

“Now shoot him in the head” he shouted as the boar started to charge at the oak with a furious growl.

Clarence swiftly stretched another arrow onto the bow, still struggling to keep his hand steady he fired it. It sliced right through the boars head while a burst of blood showered from the back. The boar stumbled down and slid to a slow halt beneath Clarence’s feet.

Clarence felt slight sympathy for the boar but he enjoyed hunting animals. He’s been doing it since he was seven. It made him feel proud, because that’s the only skill anyone really accepted in their land, promising swordsmanship  and rogue skills.


Dad took out his blunt hunting knife and slit the boar’s neck just to make sure it was dead. The blood spilled out with a repulsive splash. Clarence flinched, he didn’t enjoy seeing blood, especially his own.

“That was a good shot, son but practice steadying your arm more; you’ve still got a lot to learn.” “Right dad!” Clarence said with a sense of passion in his eyes. After all, his dad has been hunting for over 12 years; he is far more experienced than Clarence but he definitely inherited his dad’s skills. The proud hunters went home, with their worthwhile prize. Mum put on the oven and started to clean the boar with her knife. Everybody sat at the table and ate. The usual talk was going around.

"So, a successful catch today?" asked Jane.

"Yes, no misses. Our son is learning!" Leroy replied with a proud smile.

"You'll always be better Dad, I know it,"

"Clarence, one day I will no longer be among the living. I will leave my responsibility to you and I hope you will handle it well. I believe in you. Now off you go. Train that hand of yours; make it as sturdy as possible.”

"Right, off I go then!"

Clarence rushed out of the house with clear determination to become a better fighter. Dad sighed, with a relief.

"He's growing up so fast...I can't believe he is that same little cute child as when he was born."

"Yes, time goes by quickly. I sometimes wonder, Leroy. Will he become a good father?"

"Of course, he is compassionate about his work and never gives up. That's what makes Clarence, himself!"

"You're right, I just hope he follows the right path,” Jane said while her eyes stared far down the hills from the window, showing deep thought.

"Don't worry; he knows what he's doing. Look, I'll teach him how to handle a real sword tomorrow, and I will personally tell him how to use the sword for self-defence and not for fun.

"Yes, please do that. I just hope he understands how important it is for him not to commit sins. I want our family to continue our generation with good hearts."

"Every thing's going to be alright. Oh Honey, I have to go to the farm."

Leroy quickly kissed Jane and rushed out of the house, slowly disappearing from sight, over the green hills.


Clarence arrived at his sword training ground. He took out his training sword from his leather scabbard. It was made of light iron and was small, thus not too heavy. It made a sharp slicing noise, which Clarence always enjoyed hearing. He carefully concentrated on the dummy. The dummy was made of natural silk and inside of it was old durum wheat. He forcefully swung his sword into the dummies stomach, it penetrated right through. Indeed, Clarence was capable to be a good swords master. His daily training at long last started to pay off. He practiced swinging as smoothly as possible for half an hour, until he grew tired and had to rest. He sipped some water from a nearby lake. It was called the lifegiver. Without a doubt it was called the lifegiver for its purpose to give energy to Clarence every time he drank from it, or was it that he was so thirsty it felt like it really did give him mental liveliness? Not a moment to waste he thought, he continued his training.


It was a late evening; the sun had nearly sunk down. Only glimpses of orange radiance could be seen, sifting through the nearby tree leaves. The sky was painted with bright orange, like the orange juice he used to drink when they had the money to buy it. Clarence fell down with exhaustion. He’s been training for over an hour since he rested and was sweating heavily.  He sat down and looked at the mellow orange sky. He remembered the times of when he used to run around the busy centre of Grayrock with his friends, laughing and enjoying the summer breeze. All that was in the past now, he moved into a small country side town not far away from Grayrock. He lived with only his parents since then. His grandma visited him every June 15, with a couple of homemade presents such as socks or a wooden toy. That’s all the company he had throughout the year. His granddad has long died since the Great Grandshail war that took place twenty years ago. He was three years old the so he never clearly remembered how he looked like, or what his personality was. Everybody in the family told him that he was a great proud man, who made funny jokes from time to time to lift the mood.


His memories were suddenly interrupted by a strange loud scratching noise that came from the nearby bushes. It sounded like someone was scraping against a tree. He stood up and walked silently to the place where the sound was coming from, keeping his sword close by his right hand. The sound was getting  louder as he got closer. The sound had stopped; the trees brushed against its leaves making a rustling sound. There was total silence except the constant light wind. Clarence stopped, still sweating but it was not that he was exhausted. The creature slowly appeared from the shadows, barely visible due to the the huge tress surrounding the peculiar creature. Clarence froze in place. He was astonished.

Chapter 2

The sender


Clarence jumped back with amazement and shock at the same time; he sheathed out his sword as the white creature jumped at him with lightning speed. He fell down while screaming “Get off me you monster!” He wildely swung his sword in all directions while his eyes were closed. He abruptly stopped as he felt a soft and warm touch to his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes and adjusted to the bright light. Before him he saw a white fluffy cat. It was definitely covered with fur. He was quite dumbfounded as he never saw a white cat before, only a black or a brown one. He realised that the cat was licking his cheek. He laughed as it tickled his soft skin.

“Where did you come from?” asked Clarence with a more calmed down voice.

“Meow” the cat answered, with a cute look.

“You sure gave me a heck of a scare!” he shouted out with laughter, still shaking from the sudden shock.

Clarence stood up, dusting off the dirt from his clothes.

“Where are your owners?” he asked.

The cat sat there, wiggling his tail with an amused face.

He sighed lightly, his body was still tired from the training session.

Clarence carefully bent down to look for the collar on his neck, trying not to scare away the cat.  Surprisingly he had no collar and his fur felt really warm and revitalizing, like it was filled with pure energy. He was mesmerized and then suddenly he heard a muffled “Hello Clarence”

“Who was that?!” he looked everywhere around him as a confused look appeared on his face. “I’m right here.” A very gentlemanly man’s voice came out from the direction of the cat. He just stared at the cat with a dumbfounded look, but then he collected his thoughts and responded;

“You can talk?”

The cat gave out a mellow mew and rolled his eyes. “Yes...and I was sent here for you. So, Clarence, follow me please. I want you to see someone, take my paw.” Clarence was still mesmerized and could barely move, still taking it all in. His expression changed, he suddenly stood up “By the can speak!” “Are you a devil, or a spirit?


Then suddenly a jolt of pain struck from his left hand and the world around him started to blur as he felt his body disappear.

The End

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