New faces and utter fun the amusement never dulls.Mature

Alikiner wated from his spot in the alley as Vampires poured out of the Venetian Congress Center. It was like the best thing he could have wished for.

"That lackey I had crippled had probably made it back by now and the news he had delivered had probably been pretty fucking bad."

Alikiner waited for them to desperse before he started to leave. Just then he saw two vampires coming out together a young black man with long dreadlocks and a scruffy goatee. He seemed refined and well mannered made him think of puking just looking at him. He turned his gaze to the one beside him, He was just a fledgling still and from the looks of it not a very old one. This intrigued Alikiner. He started to spread the darkness making the alley seem like a void. He could tell they had already noticed by the horror on their faces.

"Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Saylor!"

The two of them held their ground. Alikiner stepped out of the dark void of the alley smiling.

"And just who do I have the pleasure of meeting tonight?"

The black man pulled a gun out pointing it at Alikiner, It just made him laugh uncontrolably. "If I were you friend I would save the rounds you have for everything else that will be hunting you tonight." Alikiner laughed some more. "Now then what are your names... You two seem fun, I want to get to know you better..."

Alikiner made his way across the strip and into the parking lot they were standing in. The black man spoke up first. "That is none of your business! I do not Give my name out to animals."

Alikiner shrugged smiling. "If I wasn't so intrigued by your young friend here I would rip that tongue out of your head and feed it to you."

Alikiner turned to the young fledgling the gun still pointed at him. "Will you at least be so kind as the share your name boy?"

The young fledgeling gave him a hard look. "My name is Ricardo Valente sir. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr..."

Alikiner smiled. "You can just call me Alikiner kid."

He watched as a sense of shock went through Ricardo's eyes. Alikiner laughed, I do love the sense of shock you are having just now, and I love how formal you are its so... well I don't really have a word for it now."

Alikiner stepped forward as they both took a few steps back. "you know I'm not going to hurt you. I'm in oo good a mood for that. See I just tip off the Sabbat, Clan Giovanni, and I may have screamed it at some vampire hunters that there was going to be a large number of Camerilla out and about tonight.

The black vampires face started to go a bit white. Alikiner laughed a bit more. His laughed was short lived though the fledgling punched him hard in the face. Alikiner could feel his nose break. He stumbled back a few steps and looked at him seriously. He noticed the slight finger movement ass the black vampire started to pull the trigger on his gun. Alikiner fell into the shadows that were on the ground Resurfacing behind the two and wrapping them both up in black tendrils. He smiled wickedly as they struggled to get free.

"Well that wasn't half bad at all boy. I actually like your spunk, as for your friend here I don't really like him, but I am not going to kill him because I want to see if you can survive the night tonight. You amuse me greatly young Ricardo. I want you to grow into someone worth killing. I suggest doing what I do. Killing your creator,and hunting other Vampires. Well I have a feeling that you are too tame for something like that." He turned to the black vampire now who had a wide eyed look on his face. "And you, if he doesn't survive the night and you do..well I'm sure you can guess who is going to be on my shit list."

Alikiner turned his back to them fixing his broken nose, he started to walk toward the building they had just come out of. "If you excuse me I have a meeting to keep with a certain person of Royal blood..."

Alikiner disappeared into the shadows leaving the two sitting on the pavement of the parking lot. He entered the Venetian Congress Center taking the elevator up. He smiled as he neared his destination. Things were only starting to get fun tonight. The elevator stopped and Alikiner got up looking at the large ballroom he was now standing in.

"Well I guess high society always gets the nice things."

He laughed out loud as to get as much attention as possible, and sure enough a couple of guards rushed at him. He trusted his hand into the first ones chest and grabbed his spine tearing it out though his chest. The second one he simply beheaded on the spot. Alikiner phased into the darkness and reappeared at the other end of the ball room.

He sighed, "It seems my query has already decided to depart. Guess I will have to have some fun on the streets for awhile, but before i go..."

Alikiner wrapped Tendrils of darkness around the pillars in the ballroom and destroyed them. The building started to moan. He laughed destroying the rest of the foundation letting the ballroom collapse in upon itself. Before he had left the room he had been sure to grab the corpses of the two he had kill. He impaled their bodies with his tendrils and wrote a chilling message in their blood on the front of the Venetian Congress Center.

"Come out and Play with me Prince Benedic!"

The End

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