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Alikiner walked along the sidewalk waiting for his pursuers to find him. He was hoping he had made enough of a scene that he got their attention. He knew the Camarilla wouldn't stand idle as he did as he pleased. Besides he was looking forward to this, because he wanted to taste the blood of vampire again. If they didn't try to do something about him this time he would have to crash one of their parties or start openly hunting them. He passed a man begging for cash on the street and ripped his throat out swiftly licking the blood off his hand.

He walked away into a dark alley and stepped into the shadows coming out on to a rooftop.

Alikiner smiled. "Tinker Taylor Soldier Saylor. Who will come to hunt me tonight."

As if on que gun shots rang out. The stakes zipped by Alikiner missing him barely. He turned to see a lone Vampire holding a stake gun up at him. Looking at him Alikiner was almost frightened. The he realized what was going on and jumped into a shadow to his left. Ha, can use a dread gaze. No matter as long as i don't look into his eyes i wont get scared. Alikiner appeared behind him and when for a kick to the back of his head. The Vampire turned quickly and grabbed his leg tossing him into the air. He then shot four stakes at him aiming for his heart. Alikiner acted quickly using shadow tendrils to destroy the stakes in mid air. He landed on the rooftop several feet away.

The Vampire spoke. "Alikiner Tlordior Soslatier. I am here to end your eternity you maniac. I am Rohva Ferish from the Ventrue clan."

Alikiner smiled softly. "Tinker Taylor Soldier Saylor...Tonight I dine on Ventrue."

Alikiner grabbed a pipe off the ground and dipped into a shadow appearing above Rohva. He swung the pipe with all his strength, but it shattered to pieces against Rohva's head. Personel Armor!!! Shit he must have a high level in Fortitude! Rohva pointed the stake gun up at Alikiner and pulled the trigger sending two stakes into Alikiners chest missing his vitals. Alikiner flew several feet into the air landing in the alley below to building. HE coughed rolling onto his belly. Should have figured they would send someone good. Makes me happy that I get to go all out. Rohva landed a couple feet away from him. He rolled onto his back and looked at Rohva smiling. Tendrils sprang from every shadow of the alley and attacked him. Rohva dodged easily avoiding them. The tendrils continued to attack him as he dodged. As he was dodging a group of tendrils one came out of a shadow under his foot and grabbed him slamming him into the side of the building to his right and tossing him into the air. By this time Alikiner was back atop the building laughing with his arms spread open wide.

He shouted up at Rohva as he started to fall back down to the ground. "Yes, how do you like it Rohva! I'm so glad your having as much fun as me! Unfortunately I have decided not to feast on you tonight. I don't want your pathetic blood!"

Rohva landed on his feet a few yards away from Alikiner.

He spit at him. "You are mad! You have no respect for your own kind! Or the Masquerade!"

Rovah's protest mad Alikiner laugh maniacally. "I fucking love how you are trying to guilt me! I don't give a shit about other Vampires, Or the fucking Masquerade. All I give a damn about is killing and eating anyone I want! I'm going to mess you up good! Then you are going to tell the fucking Prince to come get me himself, or I'll openly hunt all members of the Camarilla!!"

Alikiner pulled the two stake out of his chest and threw them at Rohva who dodged them easily. He then fell backwards into a shadow appearing behind Rohva and binding him with tendrils.

Alikiner whispered in his ear. "Tinker Taylor Soldier Saylor."

He took his hand and drove it into the small of Rohva's back grabbing his spine and tearing it in half. Rohva screamed in agony as his ability to walk was taken from him.

Alikiner whispered in his ear again. Tell the Camarilla what I said. I want the prince to come for me."

Alikiner then proceeded to bite off his ear. Rohva screamed in agony. Alikiner pushed him to the alley below and swallowed his ear.

He laughed psychotically. "YES! TELL THEM, OR I START HUNTING!!!"

With that Alikiner stepped into the shadows once more making himself scarce. Leaving Rohva to crawl back to his people.

The End

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