The Best Kind of ExtacyMature

Alikiner walked down the busy street of  Howard Hughes Parkway. He smiled as he watched people running around. The nightlife in Vegas was always so lively. He turned his attention to a couple of girls getting out of a car and heading down an alley. He smiled with delight knowing he would have a fine meal tonight.

Alikiner stepped into a shadow to his left and appeared in the alley behind the girls he walked silently watching their movements. They were twins had to be at least twenty twenty two. They had long blonde hair and slender figures. they looked like they had come from some kind of party because they were laughing and covered in glitter. Having the time of their lives only to have it ended in one night. How cruel this world can be.He raised his hand and black tendrils reached out of the shadows of the alley covering the girls mouths and binding them. Alikiner walked into a shadow to his left and came out of one in front of the girls.

He smiled broadly. "Good evening ladies I would like to formally welcome you to your slow deaths."

At hearing this the sister on the right started to struggle fiercely. Her twin on the other hand had tears streaming from her eyes.

Alikiner started to laugh sadistically. "Lets move this to a more secluded place."

He stepped into the shadows again with the girls this time, and appeared on the roof of one of the buildings of the alley. He looked the sisters over seeing that one of them was still struggling. Ah, she is such a fighter. She must be the stronger one. He looked at the other sister seeing she was crying now tears streaming from her eyes. He smiled, She is going to be the one I will enjoy. He walked over to the sister who was struggling against her bonds of darkness and removed the tendril covering her mouth.

Her first reaction was to spit in his face. "I don't know who you are you freak but you let me and my sister go now or I'll-"

He started laughing cutting her off. " You'll do what!"

He removed all of her tendril and she took a swing at him with her purse. He ducked under it and drove his hand through her stomach and out her back. The girl fell limp on his arm coughing up blood. She grabbed his shirt and feebly tried to hit him. He pulled his hand out of her and picked cupped her had in his hands. She had a look in her eyes that said she still wanted to fight. Alikiner smiled as he crushed her head between his hands blood, bone, and brain splattered everywhere. He could hear her sister's muffled screams. He turned to her seeing the terror that he loved so much that agony at loosing what one held most dear. He eyes were wide with shock, grief, and the knowledge that she was going to die. He licked the remains of her sisters head from his hands and walked over to her. The closer he got the more she struggled to get free. He waved his hand removing the tendrils that bound her. She screamed a terrified scream that warmed Alikiner on the inside. He enjoyed the terror of others. She tried desperately to get away as he walked over to her, but her fear was winning. She kept stumbling and trying to get away. He finally reached her as she stumbled for the last time. She covered on her back as he knelt down to her. Her fear had completely immobilized her. She trembled as he knelt in closer to her.

He put his hand on her cheek and stroked it gently. " It's been fun my deer, but now your going to die."

Alikiner swiftly ripped out her heart and held it in front of her so she could watch it stop beating. He watched as the life drained from her eyes. It was exhilarating seeing her die. She went limp the lights disappearing from her eyes. Alikiner smiled and began to eat her heart. Life is good indeed. Her drained her body of blood and did the same with her sister. Her then took some rope he had prepared and tied their ankles together and slung them over the front of the building letting them hang their for all to see.

He shouted at the top of his lungs. "This truly is the best kind of Extacy!"

The End

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