The New KidMature

The city of Las Vegas is notorious worldwide for many things – things that often pertain to the darkest side of mankind: all of the seven deadly sins abound in the largest city of Nevada, inevitably attracting a public who shamelessly seeks to indulge the pleasures of their flesh. Little do these mortals know that there is something even deeper, darker, and certainly gloomier than their dirty little secrets and petty vices; something they are completely unaware of, and yet something they deal with every single night…

Vampires. Real vampires.


A man and a woman take an elevator to the fifth floor of the Venetian Congress Center. Apart from them, none other than a grim bellhop stands in the ample freight elevator. The man gazes at the floor, almost entranced. He is lost in the thought of what he is about to face – and anxious for who he is about to face. A shiver runs through his spine as he feels the woman’s cold hand touch his. “It’s going to be fine, Ricky,” she says as her hand holds his gently. The man does not seem very convinced, yet he appreciates the effort. He would let out a sigh, as that would be his natural response; however, he does not. The reason why he does not sigh now is that he no longer sighs when he is stressed out – in fact, he no longer sighs at all. To be more accurate, he does not even breathe at all, since he no longer needs to breathe at all. He, ladies and gentlemen, is a vampire.

Ricky kisses his crucifix just before the elevator’s doors open before him. He looks in the woman’s bright eyes for a moment; she smiles confidently, encouraging him to carry on. They got this far; there could be no turning back now. The two step out of the elevator, leaving the bellhop alone in the elevator, and walk to the entrance of the Palazzo Ballroom “Foyer East”’s entrance. A sympathetic ghoul standing at the door greets them warmly. “Welcome, Ms. Madison… and who is this young man? I don’t believe I’ve seen him here before.”

“Oh, this is my childe, Ricky,” she replies. “It’s his presentation day.”

Enthusiasm sparks within the ghoul: “Wait, this is – you are the new kid everyone is gossiping about? The star of today’s reunion?!”

Ricky looks uneasily to the usher. “I guess so.”

“That is magnificent!” The ghoul readily shakes Ricky’s hand. “Mr. Ricky, it is my pleasure to welcome you…”

The ghoul motions to an eerie crowd of pale beings with an unnerving mien, gazing sternly from their seats at the young vampire. "… to the Camarilla.”

The End

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