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Evette rolled over in her large bed. She pulled the duvet cover, revealing her face. She squinted at the french doors, and judging by the amount of light that was shining through, she had slept through breakfast. Evette enjoyed being back at her home in the Parisian countryside, though she still missed the scent of the ocean and cawing of seagulls. Evette pushed the covers over, and placed her feet on the cold marble floor. She tied her robe around her, and opened the french doors, the curtains blew inward, nearly consuming her.

“Bonjour!” Evette yelled, waving at the gardener that was trimming the shrubs.

Evette took in a large breath, and smelled the fresh French air. A breeze blew in from the east, and the scent of rose and lavender overtook Evette’s nose. She knew she was truly at home. Evette returned to her bedroom, and shut the doors behind her. Slowly, Evette made her way downstairs, her feet virtually making no noise.

“Bonjour Evette.” Adele said, kissing her daughter on the cheek.

“Bonjour, mama.” Evette said, hugging her mother tightly.

“How did you sleep? I heard the Royce pull up early this morning.” Adele said, going back to the granite counter.

“I sleep like a child, especially being in my own bed again.” Evette said, pouring herself a bowl of cereal.

“Coffee?” Adele asked, sitting a cup of coffee next to Evette.

“Merci.” Evette said, bringing the coffee to her lips.

Adele kissed her daughter once more on the cheek and left the kitchen. Evette sat there, eating her cereal in solitude. She listened to her surroundings as she ate the cereal; birds were chirping outside the chateau, the fountain made the noise of a rushing river, and there was the sound of the trimmers going outside. When she heard footsteps, Evette pushed the half eaten bowl of cereal to the side, and stood, hoping it was her father.

“Bonjour, my daughter. Welcome home!” Lucas said, giving his daughter a large hug.

“Papa, how I’ve missed you.” Evette said happily.

“Missed me? You were gone for a total of four days.” Lucas said, laughing.

“Every time I leave, I miss you and mama, you know that the most.” Evette said, smiling at her father.

“Anyways, Monsieur wishes to see you today in the city. He’s having someone come and pick you up around one.” Lucas said, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Another job, already?” Evette asked, slightly shocked.

“It’s something small, don’t worry. Nothing too big, as we’re all sure you’re still a bit worn out from the last job.” Lucas said, patting his daughter on the back.

Evette smiled at the thought. Even if it was something small, she knew that she could use it to get her mind off of Christian. She frowned slightly at the thought of a lonely and depressed Christian, but she knew why she did it. Her only hope was that if they met again, he would be able to forgive her. Evette sat at the island for a few minutes more before returning to her bedroom. She checked her phone for the time; it was 11:20.

Evette took off the robe and drew a bath. She sat her phone on the small table next to it, and submerged herself under the warm water. She held her breath for about a minutes, before returning to the surface. She let her right hand dangle out of the bath, a few drops of water created a small puddle. Evette grabbed the remote on the small table on turned on the television. Some soap opera was on, but she didn’t feel like changing the channel. Evette sat there and watched the half an hour long show, and then decided to actually take her bath.

“What to wear, what to wear?” Evette asked herself quietly.

Evette wrapped a towel around her and went into her closet. She stared at the endless amount of clothes ranging from super casual to dinner parties at Versailles. Evette ran her fingers across the fabric of many clothes, unable to find a happy medium, she chose a medium length, form fitting simple black dress and some white and black heels. Evette zipped herself up, and sat down on the leather cushion and slipped on her heels.

Evette then walked into a subdivision of her closet and grabbed a Louis Vuitton bag, and a pair of sunglasses. She pushed the glasses to the bridge of her nose and shut off the lights, and closed the door behind her. Evette reveled in the sound that heels made on any hard floor, she believed that it signified power, and she always had power. She gave a quick, small smile, and left the chateau. Outside waiting for her was a black Rolls Royce with tinted windows, and a man standing to the side of it.

“Bonjour Madame Dupont.” The man said, kissing Evette’s hand.

“Bonjour monsieur.” Evette said, sliding into the Royce.

Evette put a cigarette in between her lips and lit it. She blew out a cloud of smoke, and looked back at the chateau, watching as it vanished into the horizon. She looked out the tinted window, watching as the gatekeeper opened the gates to Chateau de Dupont. After they had cleared the gates, she was en route to Paris. Evette laughed in happiness as she thought about returning to the city of light once more. Everything she loved was in that city: her friends, the Dupont Tower, and her Parisian townhouse.

“The Monsieur is pleased to meet with you for lunch.” The driver said, smiling at Evette.

“I can assure you the feeling is mutual.” Evette said, rolling down her window and letting out another cloud of smoke.

Evette watched as the French countryside slowly turned into a modern urban setting. Farmhouses slowly dissipated as the Royce left the country roads, and got onto the N104. Within the quick transition from the country roads to the autoroute, the scene changed. From the rolling hills of wine country, she became surrounded by power lines, wind turbines, and trees. Evette came to the conclusion that the autoroute in Los Angele was much more eventful.

“We will be at the townhouse in about ten minutes.” The driver said, turning his head back to the road.

Evette nodded and pulled out her phone. As her per usual, she sat on her social media accounts. However, she felt as if her phone had been quiet lately. She knew the time difference was nine hours, but somehow, she wished Christian would just send a text, even if it were something small. The ten minutes passed by quickly, and when Evette looked up, they were in front of a large stone townhouse. The driver got out of the Royce and opened Evette’s door. Evette kissed the driver on the cheek, and walked up the steps, and rang the doorbell. A few minutes passed by before the short old man came to the door.

“Welcome home, Evette.” Monsieur said, kissing Evette’s hand.

“Thank you. It is good to be back in Paris.” Evette said smoothly, kissing the Monsieur on the cheek.

“I hope you are ready for a long lunch, as we have much to talk about.” Monsieur said, closing the door behind him.

The End

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