Prologue VMature

Evette walked out onto the balcony which overlooked the Santa Monica Pier. All of Santa Monica was illuminated from the vice that was going on beneath her. Even she had partaken in the vice that came with Los Angeles. In those few short days, she had grown attached to a person that she had only known for a few hours. Evette flicked the cigarette that had been in her mouth over the edge of the balcony, and retreated to her room.

Evette slipped out of the sleek black dress she had worn just hours before, leaving her bare. For a moment, she stared at herself, disgusted. In all of her years of doing what she did, this was the first job that she felt genuinely bad for the person that had died. She couldn’t figure out why, but she had an idea that it had something to do with her sleeping with Christian.

Silently, Evette sat on the black leather chair by her bed, waiting. For what, she didn’t know. Deep down, she was hoping that Christian would call or text her, even show up to her hotel room one last time. She had enjoyed their passionate afternoon together, and somehow, he left her wanting more. In a moment of weakness, Evette grabbed her phone and typed in Christian’s name. She started at the blank message template, contemplating whether or not to text him.

“Sophistication and cigar smoke, a woman’s weakness.” Evette said softly, remembering his scent fondly.

She quickly deleted Christian’s contact out of her phone, and decided to call Monsieur, “Bonjour, Monsieur.”

“Bonjour Evette, you call so early in the morning. I take it that the job is done. I haven’t heard from Mr. Rodanthe lately.” Monsieur said, his voice groggy, she could tell he was still sleeping.

“Monsieur, I have a problem.” Evette said, walking over to the island to pour herself a glass of whiskey.

“Un problème?” Monsieur asked, a hint of genuine curiosity came through.

“Oui. Il se agit de M. Rodanthe.” Evette said, feeling the tears well up.

“Et?” Monsieur asked, his voice becoming more natural now.

“Je crois que je l'aime.” Evette said, sighing after.

“Evette, I think it’s time we get you home. Is the job done?” Monsieur asked quickly.

“Yes.” Evette responded.

Evette heard a knock on her door, and slowly walked towards it. For a moment, she was scared, thinking that perhaps the police had found out that she was the one. As part of her routine, she looked through the peephole, and saw it was Christian. Quickly, she put on her black silk robe and ran back towards the door.

“Monsieur, I’ll have to call you back. Au revoir.” Evette said, unlocking her door.

“Au revoir.” Monsieur said, hanging up.

She opened the door and simply stared at Christian. She couldn’t tell exactly how she felt about him being there. Although, she wouldn’t deny that she was in a state of euphoria, however, she just didn’t want to get more attached than she already was. Christian went to kiss her, but she put her finger on his lips, shaking her head. Silent, she turned around and walked back towards the balcony, hoping Christian would follow.

“So this is how you treat your clients?” Christian said, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“That’s exactly what you are; a client. What happened between us was unprofessional and I shouldn’t have let it happened, yet somehow it did.” Evette said, not letting Christian see her cry.

“Dammit Evette! Don’t you get it? I love you.” Christian said, coming closer to Evette.

“And that’s the problem, Christian. I love you too. But I can’t.” Evette said quickly, secretly hoping he didn’t hear her.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Christian asked calmly.

“What?” Evette responded, wiping her tears away.

“This whole thing, you just don’t get it.” Christian said once more.

Evette walked out on the balcony, her feet scuffling across the coarse rocky floor. A brief breeze came in from the ocean. touching both Christian and Evette. She could have sworn Christian was talking, but for some reason, she just listened to the waves crash on to the shore. Something that had so much power, also held so much beauty. She turned towards Christian and kissed him. Why, she couldn’t tell, but there was something telling her that she just had to do it.

“I love you.” Evette said, this time, sounding more passionate and sincere.

Christian said nothing in return, but instead, held her tight in his arms, swaying left and right slowly. He kissed the top of her forehead, and smiled. The two retreated back into the bedroom, and shut the doors behind them. For a period of time, the two laid on the bed, side by side, not saying a word.

“He died of natural causes.” Christian said casually, breaking the silence.

“Exactly.” Evette said, her voice coarse.

“No one thinks you were in on it. My mother is questioning all the maids and cooks right now, plus she’s hired a plethora of P.Is.” Christian said, running his hand across her shoulder.

Evette placed her head on Christian’s chest, rising as his chest rose, and falling the same. She could have sworn that their heartbeats were in sync. She closed her eyes and thought about the past three days, and how crazy they had been.

“Stay with me.” Christian said, kissing Evette’s head.

“Okay.” Evette said, letting out a small breath.

“I mean it, really.” Christian said quietly, taking in this moment.

“Christian, I will, truly.” Evette said, kissing him gently on the cheek, his scruff tickled her skin.

“I love you.” Christian said.

“Me too.” Evette said, resting her head back on his chest.

Neither of them knew exactly when they had fallen asleep, but the next morning, Christian turned over on the bed, and felt an empty space. Some time during the night, Evette had packed all her things and vanished, just like the wind. She blew into his life for a brief period of time, and then was gone. There wasn’t a single trace of Evette left, except a smoldering cigarette on the bedside table.

The End

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