Prologue IIIMature

Evette heard a knock on her door, and put down the book she was reading, and went over to open the door. Before unlocking the door, she looked over to see what time it was; it was currently 1:30. She looked through the peephole and saw that it was Christian. For a brief moment, she contemplated on even opening the door. Evette didn’t want, nor did she need to get attached to someone she was working with. Especially when she was assassinating his father. Nonetheless, Evette opened the door, and immediately, he kissed her. She tried to push him away, but quickly succumbed to him.

“And what do I owe the pleasure?” Evette asked, smiling as the two broke away.

“Can’t I just come and visit? Is that illegal these days?” Christian said, laughing as he shut the door behind him.

“Well, I just wasn’t expecting you to suck off my face, that’s all.” She said, walking over to the mini-fridge, “Wine?”

“I don’t see why not.” Christian said, grabbing glasses from the rack above the sink.

Evette uncorked a bottle of white wine and poured them each a glass. She then grabbed her pack of cigarettes, to which she noticed, she was almost out. She put one in between her lips and lit it. Evette slid the pack over to Christian, who denied one. The two took sips of their wine in silence, until Christian decided to break it.

“So, about tonight.” He said, sitting his glass down.

“What about it?” Evette asked, blowing out a cloud of smoke.

“I just hope everything goes right, and you do everything to the letter.” Christian said, his voice quivering as he talked.  

Evette walked behind him and placed both her arms around his waist and sighed, “Christian, don’t worry. I’ve done these types of things before. Everything will be fine. Everything I need you’re supplying, remember?”

“And everything is in place for tonight.” Christian said, putting his hands over her’s.

“Then there is nothing to worry about.” Evette said cooly.

Evette turned Christian around and kissed him once more. He tasted like cinnamon and sophistication. She unbuttoned Christian’s shirt slowly. Halfway through, he took her hands and helped her. For a moment, she returned to her glass of wine, drinking the rest of it slowly. The two got lost in time and after a full bottle of wine, found themselves in bed together. Evette couldn’t tell what time it was, but as long as Christian was near her, that’s all she cared about. Evette couldn’t tell at what time she had fallen asleep, but when she awoke, she woke up to an empty bed.

“A real gentleman.” Evette said sarcastically.

Evette slipped on her black silk robe and checked the alarm clock, which somehow had found itself on the floor; it was 2:15. She had fifteen minutes before the hairdresser was going to arrive with everything needed for the night. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something black by the foot of the bed. Christian had left one of his socks. Quickly, so no one would have suspicions, Evette kicked the sock under the bed.

For the last fifteen minutes, Evette stood on the penthouse balcony, which overlooked the Santa Monica Pier. The Pier, no matter how beautiful, would always be more beautiful in the night to Evette. She thought to herself that she had to go there before she left Los Angeles. For those last few minutes, Evette just took in her surroundings; listening to every noise and watching every wave crash. All she wanted to do was figure out what was happening in her life, and why all of it was happening.

The End

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