Prologue IIMature

Evette rolled over, getting tangled within the duvet covers of the bed. She vigorously hit the end table until she accomplished her task of hitting the snooze button. She ran her hand through her messy black hair, and stared at the sea of notes that consumed the bed. She couldn’t recall at what time she actually did go to bed, nor did she recall writing a biography, but she did. She grabbed her phone, and hit the home button. It was nine o’clock, meaning that it was roughly dinner time back home.

Evette, using every ounce of energy in her body, got herself out of bed. She turned on the shower and removed the robe she had slept in, and got into the scalding shower. The water however, did feel good. It was a fast shower, but in the short amount of time, steam had consumed the entire bathroom.

“I can do my hair later, I guess.” Evette said to herself as she wrapped herself in a towel.

Evette checked her phone once more. Somehow, within the ten minutes it took for her to shower, she had four missed texts from Mr. Rodanthe. She slid the lock and put in her password and responded to the four messages with a few eloquent words: “Darling, I don’t function before ten o’clock.”

“Very well, I’ll be at the Holloway at 10:01 to have breakfast with you.” Mr. Rodanthe replied.

“Fine.” Evette responded.

Crunched for time, Evette grabbed a simple white cami and a black cardigan. She squirmed into a pair of navy blue skinny jeans and grabbed her pair of white Toms. In a rush, she grabbed her purse, sunglasses, and phone. Evette checked the time on her phone, she still had twenty minutes, which she thought was enough time to fix her hair and put on some makeup. By 9:50, she was out the door and in the elevator.

Evette pushed the sunglasses to the bridge of her nose and sat on the loveseat closest to the doors of the Holloway. While she waited, Evette retreated to social media, reading all the latest drama and news on Twitter. To her dismay, she had lost ten followers, and gained fifteen, to which she declared that the worst part of her day thus far. One last time, Evette checked her phone for the time, it was 9:59. Mr. Rodanthe would arrive in two minutes. For once, she was anxious, and she had been doing this for nearly six years. From the sea of callers and clients, she had never had one that made her feel in such a way, and she couldn’t tell whether she adored it, or resented it.

“Ms. Stanton, Mr. Rodanthe is waiting for you in the car outside.” The concierge said, pointing towards the Audi.

“How many cars does this man own?” Evette asked.

“Too many.” The concierge responded, laughing quietly at Evette’s ignorance.

Evette smiled as she saw Mr. Rodanthe in a leather jacket and the same sunglasses from

last night. She saw a small smile creep upon his face as she got into the car. Once again, he kissed her hand. This time, he smelled like sophistication and a hint of cigar smoke.

“I do hope you’re hungry.” Mr. Rodanthe said almost charmingly.

“Well, it’s currently 10:02 and I still haven’t eaten yet, if that makes you happy.” Evette responded calmly, checking her hair in the side mirror.

Mr. Rodanthe smiled at Evette, and put the car in drive. The drive was virtually uneventful. Evette remained on her phone, checking all her social media accounts, and Mr. Rodanthe was focusing on the morning rush traffic. It wasn’t until traffic halted that the two struck up a conversation.

“Christian, my name is Christian.” Christian said, looking over at Evette.

“I know.” Evette said, a smirk crossed her face.

“You know?” Christian asked.

“I always do my research. I just wasn’t going to reveal it to you that I knew.” Evette responded, finally turning to look at the man.

“Anyways, about tonight. Are you sure you can do this? I mean, I’ll be there of course, but it’s just…” Christian said, starting to trail off.

“Christian, I’ve done jobs much more pressing. This one will be easy, don’t worry.” Evette said in an attempt to reassure Christian.

Traffic started up again and the two broke back to what they were doing prior. Evette looked out at the Los Angeles skyline, and decided that this place was strange, compared to her home. Everyone here was always in such a rush, rather than sitting back and enjoying the moment. But she came to the conclusion that she loved Los Angeles. She loved the sound of the ocean crashing on the beach, and the well-dressed people that were on every corner. To her, it was such a rush.

“This is where we’re eating?” Evette asked, staring at the monolithic building.

“Welcome to the Palm Tower, the greatest restaurant in all of Los Angeles.” Christian said, smiling at Evette.

Christian and Evette got out of the Audi, and he handed the keys to a vallet. Christian nodded at the lady standing at the podium, and she took them to the elevator. Christian slipped the lady a one hundred dollar bill, and then hit the tenth floor button.

“I promise that you’re going to enjoy the food. Everything for us is free.” Christian said, letting Evette get out first.

“I better. I skipped doing a lot of things this morning for this.” Evette said, following behind Christian.

“Like?” Christian asked, curiously.

“Well, I was going to go for a run, read a bit, have some wine, watch some television, I don’t know.” Evette said, eyeing the menu. “Are the crepes good?”

“The best, unless you’re in France.” Christian responded quickly.

Christian waved his hand, and a young, perky waitress skipped over to their table. The two ordered their food; Evette getting caramel apple crepes with a small mocha latte, and Christian ordered an omelette and a cup of black coffee. Evette pulled out her phone and sat it on the table, then looked up at Christian, who was busy typing out something. Christian sat his phone back on the table and looked up at Evette, and then he placed his hands on her’s.

“Tonight, a limo will pick you up at 6:30, and it will drive you to the Rodanthe Estate. All the things you need will be provided for you when you arrive at 7:00 sharp. Dinner will be start promptly at 7:45. That gives you forty-five minutes to prepare yourself. I had one of my people bring over a dress and heels, when you get back to the hotel, you will find it on your bed. Your hairdresser will arrive to your room at 2:30. I presume you will have done everything you needed to do for the day. I trust you Evette, something that is hard to come by with me.” Christian said, not missing a single syllable at the end.

“Why are you doing this for me? I’ve never had a caller go to all these lengths for me to just send their father on a vacation.” Evette asked, moving her hands away from Christian.

“I just want you to feel comfortable, that’s all.” Christian said, awkwardly repositioning his hands.

As Christian looked away from Evette’s dark eyes, Evette gave a small smirk. She knew that a person in her field had to be observant, and she observed very well. Evette knew why Christian was doing all this for her; he thought of it as some sort of date, not so romantic, but still. While the two waited for their food, Evette went over the list of tonight’s events so that she would execute her actions without missing a beat.

“Witnesses?” Christian asked quietly, almost in a whisper.

“Never.” Evette responded quickly, then took a sip of her latte.

The waitress sat their food on the table and asked them if they wanted anything else. Neither of them said yes, and she walked away. Evette smiled at the crepes, which reminded her of the ones her mother used to make.

“I’ll have someone pick you up when you’re done.” Christian said softly, wiping his face.

Without responding, Evette picked up her purse and put on her sunglasses. She finished her latte and slid the almost empty plate forward. She left the table silent, she couldn’t let Christian see that she too, was slightly infatuated by him. She lit up a cigarette in the elevator, ignoring the “No smoking” sign. When the silver doors slid open, she walked straight out of the restaurant, and blew out a cloud of smoke.

The End

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