Prologue IMature

The Rover pulled up slowly to a small cafe in the downtown area. Evette looked out the tinted window, giving a brief smile, then opened the door. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk as she walked towards a small glass table closest to the awning. It was currently ninety degrees out with virtually no breeze, typical summer weather for Los Angeles.

“Hello, welcome to Pleasant Tea, would you like a menu?” A waitress with dark hair asked Evette kindly.

“No, I’ll just have a macchiato please.” Evette said, brushing the waitress off.

Evette watched the waitress walk away, she could tell that the woman hated her job. A brief wind caressed Evette’s skin as she waited for her caller. She felt her phone vibrate in her purse. Once again, she allowed a small smile to curl up on her face.

“See you in ten. -C” The message read.

Evette sat her phone on the glass table, and looked over her shoulder, to make sure no one was watching her, or that she hadn’t been followed. She felt a slight tap, and noticed that it was the waitress. Evette watched as the waitress sat the macchiato on the table, then gave her a slight nod of approval. As the waitress left once more, Evette brought the hot macchiato towards her lips, giving a small blow to cool off the top, and then took a sip.

She looked up for a moment, and saw a black Jaguar pull up to the curb. She sat the macchiato down on the table, and watched the Jaguar closely. Evette saw a man in a navy blue suit get out and open the right passenger side door of the car. She observed as the tall, muscular man got out of the car. He was in a Versace suit and had on a pair of expensive sunglasses. His faced was chiseled like, with prominent cheekbones, and a little bit of blonde scruff. His hair was cut and quiffed over to the left.

“Ms. Stanton.” The man said, his deep voice giving Evette goosebumps.

“Mr. Rodanthe.” Evette said, holding her hand out.

Mr. Rodanthe kissed Evette’s hand gently, then sat down across from her. For a few minutes, it was a time of awkward silence. Mr. Rodanthe pulled out his white iPhone and pulled up some documents and schedules. Evette went back to her brief love affair with her macchiato. Unknowingly, she couldn’t take her eyes off of Mr. Rodanthe, whom she declared the most attractive man alive.

“So, I presume you know why we are meeting?” Mr. Rodanthe asked her quietly.

“Of course. It’s why all men call for me.” Evette responded, taking off her Prada sunglasses.

“This isn’t some little job, can you handle it?” Mr. Rodanthe asked, sounding concerned.

“I don’t think you know who I am, Mr. Rodanthe. I am trained in what I do, and I never disappoint.” Evette responded, taking another small sip of the macchiato.

Before speaking once more, Mr. Rodanthe too, looked over his shoulder to make sure that neither of them were being watched. He then pulled out a black leather bound folder, and slid it across the glass table.

“Here is everything you will need for the job.” Mr. Rodanthe said, placing his hand on the folder.

“You know this won’t be cheap.” Evette responded, tilting her head slightly.

“Ms. Stanton, money will not be an issue for me, whatever you need, I can accommodate and give to you.” Mr. Rodanthe expressed with deepest gratitude.

“Very well. I will contact you when I am ready, Mr. Rodanthe.” Evette said softly, putting her sunglasses back on.

“Until then, Ms. Stanton.” Mr. Rodanthe said almost romantically.

“Evette.” Evette said, winking at him before pushing the sunglasses to the bridge of her nose.

Mr. Rodanthe smiled at her, and walked back to the Jaguar. She watched him until he got into the car, and even then, she watched it drive away. She sat there, alone, watching the rest of humanity go on. She finished her macchiato and left a twenty sitting on the table, and left.

Evette sat comfortably on the leather seat in the Rover, watching Los Angeles wisp by as she returned to the Holloway. For the entire ride, she couldn’t take her mind off of Mr. Rodanthe. She didn’t understand; it had been one, very brief encounter, and yet, she was infatuated. For the rest of the ride, she leaned back, as much as the seat would allow, and took a nap.

“Ms. Stanton, we have arrived.” Her driver said, shaking her a bit.

Evette gave him a curt nod, and walked into the resort. As the doors slid open, she was hit with a wave of lavender and cinnamon scented candles, and non-stop classical music resonating all through the Holloway. Evette grabbed her room key from her purse as she walked towards the elevator. She tapped her foot impatiently as the elevator sped up to the fifth floor penthouse, her ever so cozy place of residence. She placed her purse on the king size bed, and slipped out of her heels. Just as Evette got situated on the bed, her phone rang.

“Bonjour.” Evette said, her Parisian accent slipping through.

“I take it you met your caller?” A man said across the other line.

“Oui. He is, however, a very curious man. How did you come by this one?” Evette asked, turning on the television in the process.

“Well, Mr, Rodanthe is a very prominent businessman, and actually, he found us.” The man responded, giving a small chuckle.

“As long as I get paid, the job will get done.” Evette said, turning towards a more serious attitude.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Rodanthe is already transferring small sums into your account. Au revoir Madame Stanton.” The man said.

“Au revoir, monsieur.” Evette said kindly, hitting the end call button on her phone.

Evette sat her phone on the end table next to the bed, and grabbed her MacBook and placed it on her lap. She brushed her hair over to her left shoulder, and began typing. Evette knew that before she could fully commit to this project, she just had to know who the mysterious Mr. Rodanthe was. She pulled up the Rodanthe & Co. homepage, and grabbed her notebook out of her suitcase, and her pen she picked up at Charles De Gaulle.  

“Oh, Mr. Rodanthe, it appears we have more in common than I thought.” Evette said, placing the end of the pen in her mouth.


The End

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