Tony's Request

The next day, as Kevin drove himself and Pauline to work, Tony called Pauline's cellphone.

"Hello?" Pauline answered.

"Hey, Pauline, baby! How's it going? Don't answer that. Anyways, I need you and Kevin to come to the studio. 'Kay thanks for coming, 'bye!"

Pauline groaned as she closed the cell and put it in her pocket.

"What's wrong with you?" Kevin asked, curiously.

"We need to go to the studio. Tony wants us to get over there, A.S.A.P! He's so annoying!"

Pauline was clearly mad by the time they got to the studio, she was steaming by the time they were parked.

"Aww... It's okay, Paulie!" Kevin comforted as he put his arms awkwardly around Pauline's shoulders. He quickly withdrew his arms and turned the key. "Uhh... Let's go and see what Tony wants."

They awkwardly got out of the van and went into the building.

" 'Sup, Tony, my man?" Kevin said coolly.

"I have a favor to ask of you two..."

The End

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