A Fight In Progress

The two men left the restaurant and stood in the alley. Orson tried to punch Kevin. Kevin dodged the punch and swung his leg across the ground, right under Orson's feet, tripping him. At that instant, so fast, no one knew what had happened, Kevin was on Orson's back, holding his left hand and right foot so that they were touching.

"Say mercy, Ourson." Kevin said, not even panting or breaking a sweat. "Say it, or I won't let go until tomorrow morning."

Sweating, panting and almost crying, the pathetic bully known as Orson Conway burst into tears.

"Mercy! Mercy, mercy, mercy! Lemme go! Let me go!"

Kevin O'Shea jumped up like a cat and ran to Pauline's side as Orson Conway charged down the alley, scared out of his head, crying like a baby.

"Wow." Pauline said, slapping Kevin a high five, clearly impressed, though she'd seen him do this many times. "Sooo... How many times are you going to humiliate the poor, pathetic thing known as Orson?"

"Eh... Maybe a few more times. By then, he should've learned his lesson, and if he hasn't, then I won't stop when he says mercy wihout me telling him to! It'll be fun." Pauline stopped and stared at his retreating back, astonished at what he had just said.

Kevin finally noticed she was gone and turned around.

"What?" He asked. When Pauline didn't answer, he got impatient. "What? What'd I do?"

Pauline just shook her head slowly and continued walking.

The End

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