Simulate Life Experiences

This story is about a video designer and a video gamer who work together as partners and end up falling in love while working on a video game. They're so caught up in simulation that their relationship goes haywire.

Pauline Edwards stared into the darkness of midnight. All around her the stars twinkled, as if laughing at her hopelessness. She was spinning around to face every sound she heard. She was scared and panicking.

Kevin O'Shea's foot slipped and he began to fall. He grabbed the tree hanging off the ledge and let out a yelp. He was dangling over a fifty-foot cliff, covered with sharp rocks, and his fingers were slipping. He was terrified of what might happen next.

Neither of them wanted to die, but they were certain that they would, if it continued on like this.

"Okay! Your time is up! Take 'em off, now, guys!" Shouted a man's voice.

"Okay." Said Pauline.

"Sure thing, Tony!" Called Kevin.

Pauline and Kevin put their hands on either side of their heads. They start pulling up, and everything goes white.

They open their eyes to a pure-white room, sitting in chairs that look like recliners. They are still pulling up, and when they are done, the helmets come off, real easy.

"Whew! That wasn't funny, Tony!" Pauline said, shaking her head to get the hair out of her face. "Good product, though. Really realistic. I mean really, really realistic. That was creepy."

"Totally wack, Tony. Totally wack." Kevin called out to a man.

"Tony. You ought to be crazy to change the simulation like that! I almost had a heart-attack!" Pauline yelled.

Pauline Edwards was 16 years old, 5ft 4' tall, with ice blue eyes and bleach blonde hair. She was humble and happy but could be rude and was scared of being alone. Pauline worked as a video game designer.

Kevin O'Shea was 17 years old, 6ft tall, with pale green eyes and auburn hair. He was sentimental and assertive but could be short-tempered and was scared of heights. Kevin worked as a video game tester.

Tony Kane walked into the white room, from behind a screen door, leading to a smaller room of mohagany.

Tony Kane was 28 years old, 5ft 7' tall, with hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. He was introverted and helpful but could be moody and was scared of commitment. Tony had asked Pauline and Kevin to test his new helmets.

"Tony, Tony, Tony... That was wicked cool, my man! You gotta start sellin' those things!" Kevin exclaimed.

"Tony, you better make sure these stay out of the reach of children who get scared easily. Those things can drive people insane!"

The End

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