Sammy Can't Get Out!

Turning back around, I realized I must had been seeing things. My stomach growled for food, but there was nothing there for me to eat. I kept on walking, hoping there would soon be a way out of this forest.

The light from behind me turned on again. I didn't turn around this time, hoping whoever it was would keep the light on. I could see the ground a lot better. I'm not saying I wasn't scared to death, but it felt sort of good knowing I wasn't alone.

After about five minutes of walking with the light shining, I decided to turn around quickly. Even though I was looking straight at the light now, it didn't shut off. "Who are you?" I said.


"My name is Sammy, and I was..."

"I know who you are," a deep, voice said. It sounded like a man.

"Well, do I know you?"

The light shut off, and the man began to run away. I heared his footsteps going left, so I followed the sound. He was running very fast, and I could hardly keep up. He turned his light back on and shined it in my eyes. Rubbing my eyes, I was walking slower now. All I could see when I opened my eyes was that light.

I stopped going after him, I figured I wouldn't be able to see any more if I kept going. I sat down on the ground and began to cry. Was I ever going to get out of there? Would I ever see my family again? Whoever put me there was a horrible person, because I thought I was going to starve or be eaten by a lio or something! "Please, let me go home!" I shouted, but again, the only thing I heard was my own echo.

The End

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