Simply Fearful

Lost in the forest


A simple word, yet so hard to describe. Walking alone in the pitch black wooded area - located somewhere I've never been before -the feeling of fear had come over me. So many things were running through my mind. How did I get there? Where was I heading? Was I even going the right way?

The aroma of the rain had filled the air. I could hear nothing but the strange animal sounds coming from every direction. The rain felt rather nice against my skin. Having only the clothes on my back and the contents of my pocket with me, I reached my hand in the deep pocket in the front of my too-tight jeans. They were soaking wet, and sticking to my skin like they had been glued to my legs. I grabbed a small, damp piece of paper that must have been stuck in my pocket by someone - or something - but I couldn't read it; it was too dark. Putting the paper back into my pocket was almost as hard as getting it out.

I streched my arms out in front of me, as far as they would go, feeling what I believed was a tree, and I kept my hand on it as I walked towards it. I was right; it was indeed a tree. I turned around and leaned my back up against the wet, mossy bark of the tree trunk. I felt very tired, and my hair was dripping wet, and weighing down my head. I took my glasses off, dried them with the inside of my tank top that was underneath of my sweat shirt. I took the small piece of paper out of my pocket once more. Putting it right up to my eyes, really close, I could just barely make out what it said. I read it aloud, "What's the matter, Sammy? You lost?" was all it said.

I heard a noise behind me, or so I thought I did. Turning around quickly I yelled, "Hello? Anybody there?" I heard nothing but the sounds of the animals surrounding me. I figured there was no point in me just standing around hoping someone will respond, so I began walking again. Feeling as if I was backtracking and going the way I came from, I figured there was no use in turning around.

As I was walking, I saw my shadow on the ground in front of me. Which means there had to be a light coming from behind me. Frightened, I turned around slowly, and the light shut off. "Who's there?" I yelled, but I heard nothing but my echo shouting back at me.

The End

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