Simply ChaoticMature

This is a story, with an original character. It is a story from a villains point of view. With no heroes to stop him, or so it seems, what will happen?

      I walk out of the building, all those innocent people sleeping in their beds. Steve and Carly, nestled in eachother's arms, little Kennith asleep in his crib, while Caleb sleeps holding his stuffed dog. This was all going to end. As I exit out the door, I hop on my hover board, the circular disk, with it's curved spikes spinning as I take off. I press the button on the detonation device. The house instantaneously explodes, sending debris all over. I look down at the madness below me, as I see the firey remains of what used to be a lovely two story house.

      It's soo beautiful, this madness, this insanity, this Chaos. That is me, Chaos, my only name, atleast the only one that matters. The police arrive, and I head off towards my next target. Tonight will be a fun night.

The End

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