Jaimie Candessa has been invisible most of her school career, but when a new student comes to town and turns the entire school upside down, Jaimie needs decide if she likes being invisible, or if she's been lying to herself.

My fingers drummed the desk impatiently. Tap tap tap, t-tap tap. Somewhere in the ceiling above me, a bell rang. I stood and picked up my bag. Humdrum students living humdrum lives. When we graduated we'd become humdrum adults.

I forced my way through the crowds of people to my next class. Lots of hey's and other exclamations  followed me. Someone stepped in my way. I was face to grey T-shirted chest, sometimes I really didnt like being short. I gave it a push. The shirt didnt move.

"Move it!" I shouted above the noise, finally lifting my head to look into the face of the owner of the grey shirt, Devon Scartrage, coolest guy in our class. I ducked my head quickly, mumbling an apology I knew he couldnt hear, and quickly dashed around him, embarrassed, even though I knew no one had noticed, probably not even Devon.

Thats the price I pay for not being bullied, gossiped about or embarrassed in any way at this school. Total and complete invisibility.

The End

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