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Alice walked up to the mill, hair billowing around her face. 

It was such a dark night and Alice stood wondering where Claire was.

"You're early, " a voice said

 Alice turned to see Claire standing behind her, except....

It wasn't Claire, Alice realized with a shock. It was-

"Clara?" Alice said. "Where's Claire?"

Clara laughed. " In Japan, Alice. I called you here."

She brought out a silver pistol from her pocket. " I tried to shoot you, when you were outside my house. Unfortunately, I missed."

Alice tried to cover the tremor in her voice "You-"

Clara laughed again,"Tampered with you brakes, pretended like it was you who tried to kill me." 

She put on a serious face. " I want the inheritance Alice. Not even that brat, Simon can stop me. When you die, that inheritance will come to me. "

"Say bye, Alice."

Suddenly, a voice came from nowhere. "Too bad Clara, it looks like he can. " 

With that Simon's father stepped out from behind a wall, seven policemen rising from various hiding places.

Simon himself clambered out from a pit, holding a tape.

"You're confession on tape, Clara" he said, holding up a recorder.

Clara looked furious. "Incoherent imbeciles! Brats!" she said.

But by then, she was already being handcuffed and taken to a police van.

"Thank you." Alice said to Simon.

Simon nodded, as the police van sped away

The End

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