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Simon knocked on the door, twice, before he was answered by a kindly old man with glittery eyes.

As son as the door opened, Simon yelled at once. "You must be Gordon Danerson, Sir! I'm a huge fan of yours!" 

Gordon looked pleasantly surprised, and gestured for Simon to come in. Simon walked in, Nathan at his heels and they plopped on the plush sofa, while Gordon went into the kitchen to fetch drinks.

Nathan leaned in close,"You're a fan. Of his?" he whispered incredulously.

"Don't blow our cover," Simon muttered.

Suddenly, a dark haired girl emerged from a room.

Nathan clenched Simon's arm, "It's her, it's her!" he whispered.

Sure enough Alice Danerson walked in green paint covering her yellow cardigan. Her hair was pinned up with a silver hair fastner. She held a paintbrush and purposefully made her way to the couch, sitting down delicately opposite Simon.

"I've met you before, " she said softly to him. You were there, when I heard gunshots.

Simon nodded, pretending to be surprised, "I remember!" 

"I'm Alice, "she said.

"Simon," he said back.

He turned his gaze towards a family photo on the wall.Three girls smiled out of the picture. "That must be you and Claire and.. " Simon trailed off, not quite knowing who the third girl was.

Alice laughed, "I see you've met Claire," she said. " I haven't seen her in years, not since she got that record deal and vanished. I remember them having a quarrel. Claire told Father that she didn't want any of his inheritance, but Father insisted. Finally after a long argument Father gave in, knowing Claire didn't want to be burdened with any property while they were touring the world.She called me recently though. Said she hadn't seen me in a long time, and asked me to come by an alley yesterday. I did, and I heard gunfire. We're meeting up this evening too, by the old rundown mill. I know it's a strange location, but Claire says someone's trying to kill her, and that we should meet privately"

"But whose the third girl?" Simon asked

"Oh that's Clara. Claire and her were twins. She ran away with some guy a long time ago. Father's really angry with her."

Just then, Gordon came in carrying a tray with glasses filled with cola.

Simon got up, "We have to go sir," he said.

With that the Nathan and he walked out.

As he closed the front door behind him, he could hear Gordon say in a surprised tone, saying"He didn't even get my autograph."


Simon lay down on his bed, with a flop. It was a tiring day, he decided. He fished around in the pockets of his jeans for his cellphone, when his hands felt the texture of paper. Curious as to what it was, he took it out. It was Claire Danerson's autograph. The one he had borrowed from Nathan. He gave an exasperated sigh.

Suddenly, he jolted forward almost knocking over a lamppost. He went to his desk and fumbled around till he found another piece of paper. It was the autograph Claire had given him in the cafe.

Laying both papers side by side, he gave a little bask. The autographs didn't match.

Simon sprang to the other side of the room, bringing out his laptop from under a stack of books.

He googled 'Space Vortex' on it.

He found the link saying concerts, clicked on him and waited as the page loaded.

Space Vortex performs in Japan! , the link said.  On 9th of May. Buy tickets here.

The ninth of May. That was today. Didn't Alice say she was meeting Claire today? 

Suddenly, he realized. 

He reached for his phone, and dialled Nathan's number.

As soon as he picked up, Simon said into the microphone." Meet me at the old mill. Now"

The End

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