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"You guys are sisters!?" Nathan shrieked. "She's a murderer! Not your sister."

Claire had a baffled look on her face, "My baby sister is not a murderer. We just aren't on talking terms, because of an argument long ago. About the family inheritance."

Nathan leaned in, "She is out to kill you, I swear."

"Well, i wish her good luck with that. She can't touch me, because I have this."

Claire pulled out a sliver revolver from the pocket of her coat.

"I get to keep this for my own protection, " she said. "It's loaded."

"I think we need to have a little talk with Alice," Simon said. "Can we have her address?"

"Sure," Claire said. "101, Wayrenner street. It's a few blocks from here. She lives with her dad, Gordon Danerson. I don't think she still lives there though. I haven't seen her in ages. There was talk of them moving to Korea. I don't know..." Claire trailed off.

Simon pulled Nathan off the couch. 

"We take your leave, Claire" he said, exiting through the front door.

Claire nodded and waved.


"She gave us the wrong address. But why?" Simon murmured, walking quickly

"How would you know?" Nathan asked, as he struggled to keep up with Simon's pace

"Gordon Danerson, is one of the most famous boxers of all time. Last night I googled 'Claire Danerson-family'. Her father, is a retired boxer. I also found his address. He lives on Gettybury street. That street-" Simon, pointed to a well kept street with camelias growing on either side.

The boys rounded the corner and came to a stop in front a posh house, with a porch filled with colorful flowers.

"Let's go." Simon said.

The End

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