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It was a bright Saturday morning. Simon grumbled as slowly got up from his bed, and headed into the blue tiled bathroom to brush his teeth.

A few minutes later, he was done with breakfast and was heading to Nathan's house wearing a bright green sweater, his signature cap, and a pair of fake glasses. His headphones were stuffed in his ear, a loud baritone voice of someone singing emanating from it.

Simon rounded the corner and knocked on Nathans door. He never used the doorbell. A sleepy looking Mrs. Howe opened the door and ushered him in quickly before going back to bed.

Simon walked up the stairs to Nathan's room. Nathan didn't look to happy to see him.

"Good morning. " Simon said

"Well, what's so good about it?" Nathan muttered under his breath. 

Simon didn't say anything, but scanned the various paraphernalia that Nathan hung up on his walls. One of them was a framed autograph Of Claire Danerson.

"You know, my parents grounded me for a whole week because of what we did yesterday," Nathan said.

Simon shrugged his shoulders and leaned in closer to see the scrap of paper. There was something strange about the autograph. The jagged ends of the letters?

No that wasn't it.

"Hey, Nathan. I'm going to borrow this for a while." Simon said taking the paper out of the frame.

"Sure," Nathan said. "I'm over Space Vortex now."

"Thank you for being so compliant. Now lets go."

Nathan looked at Simon incredulously. "Um, my parents grounded me. For a whole week."

"So climb out of the window like I did. Just grab the trellis tightly, or you could knot a bunch of sheets together, the ancient princess way."

"You are out of your mind."

"Do you want to get un-grounded or not?"

Nathan's eyes lit up at the prospect of freedom.

"I have a simpler way, " he said. "Follow me."

Simon followed Nathan, as they simply walked out of the front door.

"You never thought of this did you?" Nathan said mockingly, "My parents are so tired they'll barely notice until two this afternoon"

"Elementary, my dear Watson. " Simon said shutting the door quietly behind them.

"So where we goin' ?" Nathan asked.

"To Claire's."

Nathan groaned, "Again?!"


Simon and Nathan were seated on a lurid green couch in Claire's living room.

"So" Simon said, "Do you happen to know a dark-haired lady, very tall, elegantly dressed and wears boots."

Claire laughed, "The only person, I know like that," Claire said "Would be my very own sister"

Simon looked at her questioningly. 

Claire sighed, and walked to a low bookshelf, from which she took out a photo album.

" See, that's Alice" she pointed to a pretty dark haired girl. Simon stifled a cry of surprise as he instantly recognized the woman. 

The End

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