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Nathan, as it turned out had fainted behind the van. Simon took Nathan by the shoulders and shook him.

"Nathan!" Simon yelled, as Claire Danerson leaned against the wall, and looked at her face. Her expression was mocking as if she wanted to say, "Like, seriously?" 

Nathan finally stirred from his sleep, a look of utter confusion on his face. The first thing he saw was Claire Danerson, and he would have fainted again, if not for Simon who propped him up on one arm, and blew into his face.

"You fainted." Simon told Nathan simply. Nathan looked around bewildered. Suddenly he turned a shade of deep red as he saw Claire Danerson looking at him.

He got to his feet, pushing away Simon's arm from around his shoulders.

"Come inside boys," she said with a sigh, and then turning to Nathan, "Can I get you something to drink?"

Nathan stood upright. "A shot of vodka," he said.

"What?" Claire and Simon said synonymously

Nathan seemed to realize what he had just said, with flustered speech he retorted,"Um, no actually I'd rather prefer a glass of  water, thank you very much."

Claire led Simon and Nathan into her comfy living room, which was now scattered with fragments of broken glass.

Nathan downed a glass of clear water, looking uncomfortable, while Simon talked to Claire and asked her a few questions.

"You can't tell anyone," Claire said, and added, "Especially not your father, it would bring much unwanted publicity. I do hope you understand."

Simon nodded,"Just call me if you need anything," he said smiling.

Claire smiled, and wrote down Simon's number on an unused tissue, and stuffed it into the pocket of her jeans.

Nathan and Simon left Claire's house at five that evening.

"So find anything suspicious?" Nathan asked loftily, as they walked back home.

"Yeah, very"


"The glass was broken from the inside, not the outside"

"What difference does that make?"

Simon stopped and turned to face Nathan.

"It means that something isn't right."

The End

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