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Simon pushed Nathan behind Claire's van, which was in the driveway, and ducked behind it himself. 

It sounded like the assassin shot twice,there was a sound of shattering glass and then it stopped. Simon waited for a few seconds, then he got up , and hammered on Claire's door. 

Suddenly someone ran into Simon, knocking him to the ground. Simon saw a tall, dark haired lady. The lady stopped short, she turned and walked back to Simon. Simon held his breath. What was she going to do to him?

She had a pale, well proportioned face. She was wearing an expensive looking Ralph Lauren jacket, zipped to the neck, with a pink turtleneck peeking out. A pair of vintage boots, with gold buckles, adorned her feet.They were splattered with mud.

She reached out and put Simon to his feet, then she walked back briskly to a blue truck, the front of which was smashed, and opened the door.

Simon watched open mouthed as she drove away.

The End

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