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"Wait!" Nathan cried, running after Simon. "You can't bunk..we'd get grounded for a whole year.

Simon kept up his pace as he walked away from school. "Look, someone's trying to murder her. Maybe by the time we finish the day, we'll be invited to her funeral."

"Well when our parents find out, it'll be our funeral, she'll be attending." Nathan grumbled, as he struggled to keep up with Simon.

" Come on, you don't want her to die do you?"

"Simon! don't even know where her house is" 

Nathan face was contorted as they ducked into an alley. There were a few houses by the sides, and it was dark. Simon pointed to a low-maintenance house. There was a large window, which was splattered with mud. A green curtain blocked their view into the house. The house had two entrances, one very old front door, with the wood peeling off the door frame, and a little path led to the back door. The street ended a few feet in front, and there was a giant concrete wall littered with garbage.

There weren't any people, so no one heard the sound of gunfire

The End

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