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Without further ado, Simon grabbed a towline, from a pickup truck nearby, spilling miscellaneous  objects, as he rooted deep into the pile of things to find it.

"Take this." he said to Nathan throwing the other end to him. Nathan caught it and ran towards a nearby lamppost.

Simon stood took a deep breath and centered himself, as Nathan tied the tow line to the lamppost with a cow hitch and a backup knot. The van came rushing, and Simon said a silent prayer. Then he ran towards the van, and hooked the towline to the back, and jumped out of the way before he got run over.

At first he thought, the towline would pull the back of the van out. Then he imagined the lamppost breaking. 

The van kept moving, but it was slowing down. Simon breathed a sigh of relief as the blue truck went past.

The boys ran up to the van when it stopped.

"Are you okay?" Simon asked peering into the window.

"Just mind your own business" Claire snapped angrily.

Simon took a step back, startled.

Then Claire's face relaxed and she looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. It's just that the brakes wouldn't work. I ..I think someone tampered with them, I don't know, I'm sorry." Claire buried her face in her hands.

"Would you like us to take a look at the car?" Nathan offered. "My dad fixes cars, and I could see what happened to it"

" No no that's fine. You should get to school anyway." Claire said, not looking up.

"Um, did you see the license plate of the truck ?" Simon asked

Claire shook her head and looked at Simon

"No, but I think I saw a dark haired lady in the passenger seat"

The End

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