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"Nope, no clue." Nathan said kicking a stone in his way, and watching it skitter down the road." Claire doesn't really have any enemies. I really don't know why someone would want to kill her"

"What about other people in the music industry. Like those people, you mrntioned; Led Zeppelin right? Wouldn't they think that Space Vortex poses a threat to them?"Simon asked. School was just up ahead and he needed some answers before he was made prisoner by the trignometry teacher.

Nathan snorted, he even managed a smile, which was a good thing since he had been terribly moody the entire day.

" Well it definitely wasn't them" he said. Suddenly he looked up.

"Isn't that Claire van?"

Sure enough it was. Simon could tell just by the volume of the music. A few other cars carefully swerved to either sides of the street to make way for the van.

"She is driving waay over the speed limit"

The van didn't show any sign of stopping. Even it when it was about to reach the crossroad, it just piled on at full speed. It didn't even slow down, when a blue truck came downhilll at an equally fast speed, and travelled down the other road.

All Simon could make of it was that when the blue truck crashed into Claire's van, she would be very badly hurt.

The End

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