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Well Claire wasn't really hurt. Some children down the street were playing with firecrackers. One would go off every five seconds, and they did make quite the noise.

But firecrackers don't hit walls. Simon was surprised when something hit the wall next to Claire's van, but it wasn't until Claire drove off  that he found it was a bullet.

and by the time he had picked up the bullet, there was no one but him and the kids with firecrackers playing on the road. Simon walked back home.

The next morning, Simon sat at the dining table, across his dad. He spooned cereal into his mouth. His dad had the newspaper open, and Simon thought it was a good thing, bacause it hid his fat ugly face. He didn't need to see that in the morning. He was smoking again, and Simon srewed up his face when he took a whiff of the foul smell. 

But something caught Simon's attention today. There was a short artcle on the corner of the part of the newspaper that faced him

Space Vortex finds a bomb backstage

The band Space Vortex was in for a surprise after there performance onstage. Some thing went off with a bang backstage, and it wasn't their music. Lead singer Zoe said "Well something exploded, and we thought it was a bomb. When we called in security it turned out it was just a firecracker. It was pretty scary" she shivered

The police have regarded this as a harmless prank, and will not be investigating any further, despite drummer Claire Danerson saying that this wasn't the first time that she felt someone was "out to get her"




The End

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